Top 4 Cameo Alternatives to Hire Real Celebrities

Cameo Alternatives

Everyone loves celebrities right? And, who wouldn’t want one of their favorite celebrities to send them personalized video messages? Buuuut… there is a catch (there always is, isn’t it?). Celebrities aren’t cheap. If you want to work with Lady Gaga or Caitlyn Jenner, you’re looking at a hefty invoice.

Cameo is an interesting service that allows you to hire celebrities to record a personalized video message for a fee. These messages work great for any occasion, and some of the most famous names in pop culture are only a click away. 

If you’re looking for alternatives to Cameo, here are some great ones you should consider.

  • CharityBuzz
  • Prizeo
  • Tribute
  • myfanpark

The market is beginning to see several newcomers to the personalized greeting market. Fans are swooning for one-off shout-outs from celebrities. Cameo holds the largest market share, but the alternatives have impressive prizes and easy donating. Read on to learn all about the Cameo alternatives.

Cameo Alternatives

Accessibility to celebrities is something that the ordinary person has been seeking for years. They have sought out selfies and autographs with their favorite actor or singer and kept these things as prized possessions. With sites like Cameo, fans can purchase a greeting or well wishes or any kind.

Understand that alternatives are not the same as competitors. While companies have the same offerings as Cameo, some businesses on this list will provide an alternative to getting a personalized greeting. A few others will offer the same products but have a few extras not standard in the market.


A great company that puts a twist on the Cameo business plan is CharityBuzz. CharityBuzz is one of the top alternatives to Cameo.

They have a collection of stars who create short messages with the proceeds going to help the charity of their choice. CharityBuzz works excellent for all parties and drives the celebrity to get exposure between gigs.

Charitybuzz’s process follows a few simple steps, they are:

  1. Nonprofits Register – A non-profit charity registers with CharityBuzz. They submit their license and tax information with CB. Once the company gets its information, it will do a background check on its validity. As soon as they get a green light, work can begin to auction.
  2. The Spoils – The nonprofit and CB will work together to create memorable experiences for their patrons. There will be everything from Zoom meetings to in-face meetings or activities. Companies around the country provide these once-in-a-lifetime events that help feed their charities.
  3. Listing – CharityBuzz will work up a listing for the auction once the prize details are hammered out. The listing will be detailed and could include a travel itinerary. The listing will go live, and people will bid fast and furiously until their time is up. Prices can soar into the $25,000 range. So be prepared to break out your checkbook for the big listings.
  4. Prizes Awarded – Once the auctions are won, the winners will be contacted, and the prize will be awarded. Be prepared to meet whatever demands are in the auction as it cannot be delayed or rescheduled. These are one-of-a-kind encounters, and the scheduling will be set in stone.

CharityBuzz works hard to ensure that the prizes they award and the companies that sponsor them are reputable. Their reputation, and that of their celebs, is important to their business plan. In addition, they protect buyers and athletes to ensure that all prizes are given correctly, and no fraud is involved.

Some of the things that CharityBuzz offers to their auction winners are:

  • Meet and Greet – Getting a chance to hang out with your favorite celeb is something that most people would pay big bucks to do. CharityBuzz works with celebrities and their management to arrange for the winner to meet in person with their paid star. These encounters could happen at a local restaurant or on the red carpet at a movie premiere.
  • Event Tickets – CB does an excellent job of getting tickets to shows and plays. Major plays and concerts always set aside the best tickets for charity. In addition, many of their auctions are VIP experiences to traveling or Broadway shows. They have access to backstage and pit passes as well.
  • Parties – Going to a party with Rob Gronkowski would be a seriously great time. CharityBuzz offers invites to parties that stars will attend. It goes beyond the traditional meet and greets, giving the winner more time with their celeb. These parties could have mundane or extreme settings. Be prepared for fun!
  • Trips – On CB, you can bid on trips. These trips often involve sporting events or tours off-limits to regular patrons. In addition, there are excursions to some of the most elite golfing and tennis locations on the planet. Trips are an excellent way for large vacation companies to give back, and CharityBuzz is more than happy to help them out.
  • Memorabilia – Sports and music memorabilia is another way that CharityBuzz hooks up people with celebrities. Several auctions involve guitars from musicians and some of the most sought-after driving gear in all racing. Memorabilia has excellent potential for donations as they are usually given to charity.

Make no mistake. CharityBuzz auctions items are some of the most interactive and involved celebrity encounters out there. They don’t compete head-on with Cameo but solve a few problems that some users find in the other platform.



Another great place to get some face time with sports or tv stars is with Prizeo. Prizeo rewards donating to charity with celebrity encounters.

Unlike other auction sites, Prizeo concentrates on getting several bids on an item and picking a winner at random. The fact that anyone can win makes people drop the donation fee in a heartbeat, raising the amount for auction.

How Prizeo works:

  1. Partnership – The most critical piece in the Prizeo landscape is their partnerships. They are paired up with some of the most contributable businesses and individuals. Prizeo doesn’t concentrate on a single industry and has contributors from all areas of sports and entertainment.
  2. Cause – As soon as Prizeo gets the celebrity end of the equation down, they open the line up for donations. Bidding on your chosen cause is what enters you to win the big trip! Donate as much as or as little as you want to enter for the prize.
  3. Additional Entries – Once you have made your initial donation, you should go onto social media and share the cause. The more people who contribute to the auction from your link will allow you to enter the raffle additional times.
  4. Winner, Winner – The winner will be announced as soon as the sweepstakes are over. They pick the winner by doing a random drawing. This drawing is based on the number of shares and donations.

Prizeo creates a magnificent wrinkle in the celebrity for rent market. They turn the chance to meet one of their favorites into sweepstakes that benefit those less fortunate. It is a genius idea that benefits everyone.

A few of the things that Prizeo gives away are:

  • Cash Give Away – Cash is something that Prizeo gives away that most others don’t. Some states prohibit giving away cash prizes. Check your local laws. Cash can be an excellent prize for people who don’t have tons of money but still want to help out a charity in need.
  • Gym Equipment – Prizeo gives away all kinds of exercise equipment. The popularity of at-home gym equipment, like Peloton bikes, will intrigue people’s interest about the donations and raise more money for the cause.
  • Vacations – Going on a dream vacation is another thing that Prizeo awards its winners. Sending family and friends off on vacation to Disney will bring people into donation queues for the length of the auction.
  • Cars – Another excellent attraction for Prizeo shoppers is their car sweepstakes. They regularly have new and used automobiles up for bid. These cars can be someone’s ticket to independence or a way to help out their families.

Prizeo is one of those companies that goes out of its way to have auctions people want to enter. But, conversely, for the people to get excited, they must constantly work to acquire all the prizes offered. So it is a constant battle that saves those who need the donations.



Sometimes having a great experience with a personalized message doesn’t require celebrities. Tribute uses a personalized theme and allows friends and family to create an interactive birthday card. Their alternatives to celebrity birthday wishes can be more heartfelt and emotional for friends and family.

How Tribute works to create an interactive birthday card page:

  1. Ask Friends – When it is time for a particular person’s birthday, begin to send out invitation emails to your group of friends. These invites allow them to get started with an account on Tribute and to contribute to the process moving forward.
  2. Video Time – Once everyone has registered, they will be asked to create a video. Their video can last any length of time but should be short and to the point. Each invite should know the video will be private and not hold anything back.
  3. Editing – As soon as everyone has submitted their video, you can move into the editing process. Using the Tribute interface, you will take the video snippets and place them in the order you choose.
  4. Delivery – The most moving part of the Tribute is the delivery. The good folks at Tribute claim that 80% of people who open their videos are in tears of joy. When the recipient opens the card, they are sure to have a swell of positive emotions.

Sometimes leaving the celebrity out of the gift is an excellent alternative. People can forget that they have a support group right there around them. An interactive card could be just the thing to let them know how you feel without resorting to spending lots of money.

The occasions you can use a Tribute are:

  • Birthdays – The most used Tribute is on birthdays. People from around the office and your circle of friends will enjoy giving you something memorable. An interactive card is also going to be there forever.
  • Retirement – A monumental achievement in a person’s career should be marked with a video of co-workers past and present sending congratulations. A Tribute is an excellent way to send them on to the next part of their lives in a positive light.
  • Graduation – A graduation is another excellent time to send a Tribute. When people move out of school, there can be uncertainty in their future. A few well-wishes sent by their support group could eradicate the anxiety and motivate them further.
  • Wedding – A great thing to give the bride and groom is a Tribute from their wedding. These videos can be taken on the night of the wedding or from any point in the festivities.

Tribute does a fantastic job of jumping the expensive Cameo hoop by substituting your family and friends for celebrities. Instead, it is a heartfelt way to send some well-wishes to a member of your family or friends.



One of the new kids on the block is Myfanpark. Myfanpark is an excellent alternative to Cameo. They do some of the same things as Cameo but with a twist. Their offerings range more towards internet celebrities and sports stars, but their site still packs a punch.

A few things that Myfanpark offers are:

  • Duets – With Myfanpark, you can challenge a Tiktok star to sing or dance-off. In a side-by-side mode, you and the star engage in dance trends making their rounds on social media.
  • Business Promotion – If you have a business or product that you would like to get more exposure, Myfanpark is a great idea. You can cast actors or ballers in your tiny commercial and attract buckets of revenue.
  • Q&A – A fantastic option is a Q & A session. This gives bloggers and vloggers a chance to have a celeb on their streaming platform. Celebrities always drive up the viewers, and a guest spot could be just what the doctor ordered.

Alternatives like Myfanpark are a great indication of where the market is heading. Getting shoutouts often doesn’t cut the mustard when you could have a Q&A with your favorite sports star. 


Conclusion: Cameo Alternatives

We’ve been hoping to see Cameo become a viable part of the video messaging landscape for some time now, and there have been a lot of good things about the growth of this company.

The idea of an online platform that makes it easy to create your own customized messages from celebrities is a great one, and this model fits right in with what we see as the future of personalized content on the internet in general. It enables people to stand out, while also making it easier than ever to create awesome messages and share them with friends and family.

Whether you are a creative director or marketing director and need someone to star or endorse your product, these sites should be able to help. You may have to pay for it, and you might prefer a more niche service than the broader entries on this list, but these are still all competitive Cameo alternatives.

While we don’t expect them to overtake Cameo anytime soon, many of these sites have everything from verified celebrity profiles to paid public video messages. So if you do work in the marketing field, hopefully, this article helped you find a few new hidden gems.

Remember, if you do find a good alternative to Cameo, great! On the other hand, don’t be discouraged if Cameo pulls through. It does have its advantages and you may end up liking it after all.

Thanks for making it this far. If you found this content helpful, I hope you’ll consider sharing it (because you’re awesome). If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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