291 CCTV Business Name Ideas that Inspire Confidence

CCTV Business Names

Are you planning to start a CCTV business but having trouble coming up with a suitable name for it? If so, this article will wash away your worries. In this post, we have gathered hundreds of catchy, original, and creative CCTV business name ideas that you could use as inspiration.

Choosing the right name that describes and represents the core value of your product or service is critical to your long-term success. As you probably know, it’s the first thing that your customer will notice. A CCTV business name is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as a new business. A good name can make your company sound professional, while a bad name will give potential customers the wrong impression.

Before you can decide on a name for your CCTV business, you need to have an idea of whether your business is going to be local, regional, national, or global. Once you know how big your market is going to be, it can make the decision on business names a whole lot easier (and faster!).

The process of coming up with a name for your CCTV business can be challenging and time-consuming. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend your valuable time pondering on thousands of business names.

Therefore, to make it easier for you, we’ve prepared this list of awesome name ideas for your CCTV business. Enjoy!

Catchy CCTV Business Names

A catchy name for your CCTV business is essential because it helps out in many ways. It can help your business grow and also helps to attract more customers.

The top priority is to get something that conveys the purpose of the business and also something that best represents your brand. It is also important to use a name that will be easy to remember.

We’ve listed below plenty of interesting CCTV business name ideas for you to choose from. Enjoy!

  • Aperture CCTV
  • Ace Surveillance Systems
  • Clear View Security Solutions
  • Night Vision Security
  • Eye Spy CCTV
  • Digi-Watch LLC
  • Brilliant CCTV Systems
  • CCTV Central
  • Advanced CCTV Solutions
  • CCTV Planet
  • Eagle Eye Surveillance
  • Galaxy Vision
  • CCTV Headquarters, Inc.
  • City Watch Technologies
  • Site Safety and Security
  • American Surveillance Inc.
  • A+ Surveillance and Security Services
  • CCTV Cameras Ltd.
  • Secure Tech – A techy name that is both catchy and easy to remember. A secure tech company is designed to protect and prevent issues and this name signifies the nature of your business in an intelligent way.
  • Nighthawk CCTV – A bold name that has a powerful effect on the company. It would be a good name to use if your company targets mostly residential homes or offices.
  • Detective CCTV – This is a cool and catchy name that will make your company memorable.
  • 4u Security – This is great because it’s catchy and simple. That’s what people are looking for and since
  • Alpha Surveillance – The name alpha just has a nice ring to it and surveillance clearly states what their business does.
  • Security Pros
  • Professional Protection
  • Surveillance Specialists
  • Remote Watch
  • The Security Choice
  • Pro CCTV
  • Quality Surveillance Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring Today
  • X10 Security
  • Spycorp: Spycorp
  • Consolidated Surveillance Systems
  • Completely Secure Technologies
  • Constant Surveillance
  • Collateral Surveillance Technology
  • Comprehensive Surveillance Equipment
  • Central Security System
  • Smart Surveillance
  • Peak Security
  • Secret Surveillance
  • Digital CCTV
  • Prism Surveillance
  • Lighthouse Digital Solutions
  • Bayside Tech
  • Budget CCTV
  • Sharp Surveillance
  • Big Brother TV
  • Cutting Edge Security
  • 21st Century Surveillance
  • The Invisible Eye
  • Perfect Surveillance
  • Glimpse
  • The Eye Spy
  • Watch Your Back CCTV
  • Digital Eyes On You
  • Cross Country Security LLC
  • Sunrise Systems Incorporated
  • CCTV Equipment Suppliers
  • Best in Town Security
  • CCTV Supermarket
  • CCTV Surveillance Services
  • Wireless Security Camera
  • Pir Camera Systems
  • Eyes & Ears
  • Fearless Surveillance Cameras
  • Eye Spy Equipment
  • City Surveillance Inc
  • Webcam Security Camera Systems
  • Home Surveillance Systems (HSS)
  • A Perfect Peep
  • Fox Webcam
  • Alert Surveillance Solutions
  • Safeview Security Remote Services
  • CCTV Systems Security Ltd
  • Eye Spy Security
  • I Spy-U-All CCTV and Security
  • CCTV Patrols
  • Watchdog Security Company
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Video Detective Agency
  • All Around Surveillance
  • One-Way CCTV Systems Ltd.
  • Eyes Around
  • All About Security Solutions Ltd
  • A1 Security Systems
  • We Are Watching You
  • Detective Eye
  • Shockingly Good Protection Inc.
  • 360 Lock Security
  • Eye Protection Ltd
  • Range Rover Security
  • CCTV Security Solutions
  • CCTV Investigation Company
  • Commercial Surveillance
  • Axis CCTV Ltd
  • Home Security Store
  • CCTV Security Systems Ltd.
  • Watch My Eyes Ltd.
  • Galaxy Surveillance Systems Pty Ltd
  • CCTV Nation
  • CCTV Monitoring Services
  • Night Owl Surveillance System Ltd.


Creative CCTV Business Names

CCTV businesses are all around us. They watch over our homes, help to monitor our children, and secure our properties. While starting a CCTV security business, it is necessary to choose a name that best represents your business and helps you attract the right audience.

So here we are with some creative CCTV business name ideas. Let’s have a look at them right away!

  • Axis Surveillance
  • Simple Surveillance
  • CCTV Solutions Ltd.
  • Urban Surveillance & Security Services, Inc.
  • Surveillance Specialist
  • Advance Tech Systems
  • CCTV Monitoring Service Ltd.
  • Smart CCTV Camera Systems
  • A.S. Surveillance
  • All Night Security
  • Golden Eye Camera
  • Advanced Covert Security Systems
  • Big Apple Security Corporation
  • All Eyes on You Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Really Safe & Secure
  • 3D Surveillance Systems
  • CCTV Installation Services
  • Big Brother Cams
  • Digital Video Network
  • CCTV and Alarm Solutions Ltd.
  • Security Solutions Inc.
  • 24-Hour Surveillance
  • CCTV Security Supplies
  • Home Entertainment and Surveillance
  • CCTV Investigation Services
  • Video Surveillance
  • Household Integrated Security System
  • CCTV Business Consultancy Ltd
  • CCTV Recon Limited
  • High-Resolution Surveillance
  • Night Vision Solutions Ltd
  • CCTV Protect Ltd.
  • Digital Video Recording
  • CCTV Central Ltd.
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Networking CCTV Camera Systems
  • Marvelous CCTV Provider
  • Remote Viewing Monitoring
  • Digital Video Camera Company
  • Closed Circuit Cameras
  • Safe CCTV
  • Unbreakable Protection
  • CCTV Surveillance and Consulting
  • Angel Eyes Solutions
  • Unsurpassed Image Surveillance Systems
  • 24-7 Protection Plus Inc.
  • Surveillance Systems International Inc
  • Accent Surveillance Systems Ltd.
  • Secure Home CCTV
  • Intra Vision Solutions Ltd.
  • Super Hero Security
  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Security Camera Installation Company
  • CCTV Security Limited
  • Dome Protection Corp.
  • Safe Surveillance Systems
  • Home Security Systems
  • A Watchful Eye
  • Addictive Surveillance
  • Camera Surveillance Systems
  • Global Eye Surveillance Inc.
  • A-Plus Surveillance
  • CCTV Wizard and Wizard Technology
  • Home Surveillance
  • CCTV Digital Recording Systems
  • Complete Surveillance Solutions Ltd
  • Remote Surveillance
  • CCTV Camera Specialists Ltd
  • 24 Hour Surveillance Co Ltd
  • Satellite Protection Agency
  • Surveillance CCTV Ltd.
  • Alarm Express
  • Always on Guard Security Camera System
  • Spy Works Inc
  • Borderline Surveillance Systems Ltd
  • Canary Webcam
  • Threat Surety Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Spy Eye
  • CCTV and Video Security Systems
  • Eye Spy Surveillance Systems Pty Ltd
  • Surveillance Inc
  • Pixels Guard Patrol
  • Atlas Security Solutions, Inc.
  • CCTV Installation Ltd.
  • CCTV Installation Service
  • Naked Security Systems Pty Ltd
  • Professional Surveillance
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • 24/7 CCTV Solutions
  • C & S Security
  • Network Security Systems
  • First Eye


Unique CCTV Business Names

It’s difficult to find a unique CCTV business name that is relevant, easy to understand, memorable, and as such, unforgettable. It’s natural to want a unique name that will help your business stand out.

Most people come up with something that sounds decent enough but not original. This can be because there are too many businesses out there and it’s hard to come up with something that hasn’t been used before.

Therefore, we’ve gathered plenty of unique CCTV business names and hope one of these will be the best choice for your business.

  • Gold Standard Surveillance Ltd.
  • Security Systems Int’l Incorporated
  • Avatar Security Solutions
  • Eye Spy CCTV
  • Video Detective Inc.
  • CCTV and Alarm Solutions Ltd
  • Big Brother Is Watching You
  • CCTV Security Monitoring
  • Remote Surveillance Cameras
  • Safety Surveillance Pros
  • CCTV Security Camera System
  • Surveillance Spyz
  • Trojan Services Ltd.
  • Sentry Camera Corp.
  • CCTV Surveyor Service
  • 24 Hour Guard
  • Night Owl Webcam
  • Surveillance Plus
  • CCTV Emergency Help Hot Line
  • Night Watch
  • Macro Security Cameras
  • Analogue Performance Systems
  • CCTV for Business Protection Services Ltd
  • Digital Video Surveillance
  • Closed Circuit TV Company Ltd.
  • Around the Clock Surveillance Incorporated
  • Home Security Camera System, Ltd.
  • Apex Security Systems Services
  • Alpha Protective Systems
  • Unicam Security Systems
  • CCTV Headquarters
  • Digital One
  • Connect Surveillance
  • Extreme CCTV
  • Anchor Security Corp.
  • CCTV Monitoring Solutions Provider
  • CCTV Camera Service
  • Safe Eye Security Ltd
  • CCTV Surveillance Camera Monitoring Service
  • All-City Surveillance Systems
  • Excellent Surveillance Systems
  • CCTV Detective Agency
  • Naked Eye Technology Inc
  • CCTV Camera Installation
  • Watch Over Me
  • Smart Eyes Security Solutions Inc.
  • Crow Camera
  • Street and Surveillance Solutions
  • Digital Video Surveillance Systems
  • Sapphire Technologies
  • ASAP Surveillance
  • Anti-Theft Protection Services Ltd
  • CCTV Solutions Inc.
  • B-Safe Security Solutions Ltd.
  • Spy LLC
  • Commercial Surveillance Cameras
  • Dayton Warehouse
  • CCTV Installation Services
  • Affordable Surveillance
  • Digital Surveillance Systems
  • Avs Cctv Limited
  • Halo CCTV
  • CCTV and Security Business
  • Dome View Cameras Ltd.
  • CCTV Inc
  • Total View Systems Ltd.
  • Eye in The Sky Detective Agency
  • Video Security Technology Products Ltd.
  • Caseview Security Systems LLC
  • Two-Way CCTV Communication System
  • Tower Vision
  • Audio Visual Monitoring Services Ltd.
  • Business Surveillance
  • Advanced Monitoring Systems
  • T.M Home Security Cameras
  • CCTV 24/7
  • Iris Recognition Surveillance
  • Securitas Ltd.
  • See All Security Inc.
  • Arrow Camera Systems
  • Photo Vault
  • Night Vision Experience Centre
  • CCTV Security Device Services
  • CCTV Store LLC
  • A Watch Dog Solutions
  • 24 Hours Live Cameras Inc


How to Name Your CCTV Business?

As you know, CCTV businesses are on the growing list and flourishing day after day. It is due to the increasing demand for CCTV monitoring systems from the people.

If you’ve decided to start your own surveillance and security business, you’ve made a great decision. But due to high competition in this industry, it’s highly recommended that you put a lot of thought into what you will call your business.

Branding is always one of the most important aspects of any business and you have to be smart when doing it. The name of your business is the clearest connection with customers and describes what exactly your organization does.

Having a good name for your own business can make all the difference. A nice catchy name can help people recall you much better, give you the image you want to portray, and in some cases even help you get noticed over your competitors.

Here are some tips that you can use when choosing an attractive name for your own CCTV business:

  • It should be short, simple, memorable (not more than 3 words)
  • Make it look professional and trustworthy
  • Including keywords like CCTV, Security, Surveillance, Camera, Cameras
  • Keep it easy to spell and easy to pronounce
  • Use technology-related words to show that the company is technologically advanced
  • Ensure it is relevant to the surveillance and home security industry
  • Stay away from numbers and dashes
  • Ensure the domain name is available


Conclusion: CCTV Business Names

So, there you have it! We gave you tons of interesting name ideas for your CCTV business. Now that you have so many naming suggestions, we hope that you will be able to come up with something that fits you better or conveys what your company mission is all about.

You can also use these ideas as a jumping-off point to come up with something of your own.

Remember, your business name will be a reflection of your company and the hard work that you put into it. A good name will help people remember you and draw them in.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed it. Please remember that we are updating this article as often as possible so visit this page now and then to grab some more CCTV business names!

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