365 Cybersecurity Company Name Ideas That Work

Cybersecurity Company Names

Cybersecurity companies are everywhere. Everywhere! There’s an entire market with tons of action…and if you’re thinking of starting your own cybersecurity company (or moving into this arena), the name is crucial. Sure, you can change it later (it IS just a name, after all)…but just think about how much easier it will be to connect with customers and investors if you get the name right from day one (even if that means growing into it).

The future success of your company is dependent upon a good name…so let’s take a moment to discuss what makes a good name for a cybersecurity company.

If you are in the process of creating a cybersecurity company, one of your biggest challenges will be coming up with a name. Cybersecurity is an industry that does not lend itself to creativity. Most companies have “cyber” or “secure” in their names, and many end with solutions.

Here we present you a list of cybersecurity company names ideas to help out with your next naming project.

Short Cybersecurity Company Names

Cybersecurity companies offer digital services related to security measures for businesses. These companies may directly provide managed services, tech support, and software. They may also perform vulnerability analysis and offer to close up any security gaps that they find.

Cybersecurity companies often have a wide variety of names. Some of these names are short and simple, which makes them easy to fit onto a logo and remember.

  • Fortic

Fortic is a great cybersecurity company name because it contains elements of the words “Fort” and “Fortitude”, which convey strength and reliability.

  • Reguard

Reguard is a play on the word “regard”, which refers to giving something special attention. The “guard” portion of the name assures readers the company prioritizes protection. When put together, this name conveys that the company gives specialized protection to their clients.

  • Detech

This catchy name is a play on the word “detect”. Cybersecurity firms are skilled at detecting threats from viruses or cybercriminals, which makes the inclusion of this term more fitting. The “tech” portion of the name hones in on the digital security aspect of this company’s services.

  • Vester
  • Surity
  • NSee
  • Gcast
  • iSite
  • Sennsl
  • Hnexus
  • Csight
  • SCast
  • Deter
  • DWatch
  • Finter
  • Phantom
  • Gater
  • Corder
  • Strix
  • Tectic
  • Armon
  • Introl
  • Ultrap
  • Vestic
  • Impler
  • Restal
  • Civity
  • Talex
  • Rfider
  • Assury
  • Digics
  • Crimit
  • Virust
  • Hbase
  • Ctrust
  • Looker
  • Unomit
  • Enforg
  • Rigics
  • Opense
  • Imatec
  • Unomie
  • Armed
  • Warfid
  • Antity
  • Civice
  • Secup
  • Silot
  • Psycue
  • Promic


Catchy Cybersecurity Company Names

Some cybersecurity companies choose names that are catchy in nature. Such names are fun and memorable, which makes them great for marketing. Catchy cybersecurity firm names could be short and consist of only one word, while others could consist of two words that rhyme or fit together well.

  • Macrosecure

Macrosecure consists of the words “macro”, which means large-scale, and “secure”, which means to protect. When put together, these terms convey the notion of protecting a large entity or data base, which fits well with cybersecurity.

  • Digi Fence

Cybersecurity firms typically set up protective barriers or “fences” to keep viruses and cybercriminals out of their client’s network. Digi Fence makes great use of this term along with the term “digi”, which is short for digital. This name would be especially great for a security firm that specializes in anti-virus or a firewall softwares.

  • Titan Security

The term “titan” refers to giants from Greek mythology. These beings were incredibly powerful and capable of performing feats that humans could not. Incorporating this word into your cybersecurity company name informs your audience that they can count on you to provide top-notch cybersecurity in areas where others would normally fail.

  • Cyberency
  • Protectsus
  • Securia
  • Vault Secure
  • ProtectedCyber
  • RedShieldTech
  • GrowSecure
  • SpamTitan
  • Scalable Security
  • Wing Hacker
  • Cyber Ninja Masters
  • Secure Digital
  • Cyber Defense Force
  • Know Thy Enemy
  • Cyber Defender
  • Privacy Guardian 
  • Digitally Armoured
  • Security Gate
  • Security Front
  • The Encryptor
  • Firm Sense Systems
  • Corrupt Guard
  • Safely Locked
  • Secure Harbor
  • Spider Identity
  • Bug Barrier
  • iWatch Solutions
  • Onix Security
  • SafeSquander
  • StrongNotSorry
  • onTrak
  • Cy Gate
  • Trap Serve
  • Aneurity
  • Barrier Solutions
  • Phantom Managed Solutions
  • Cybeast
  • Mcurity
  • Cyberder
  • Gated Corp
  • Protectwise
  • Agile Protect
  • Nomad Security
  • Data Vault Solutions
  • Appalachian Protect
  • Hypersecure
  • Dataguard
  • Techgate
  • Superstar Security
  • Bitsecurity
  • Digitough Solutions
  • Model Protect
  • Titan Security
  • Sentinel Detect
  • Alpha Defend
  • Cyber Lasso
  • Proxy Cybersecurity
  • Flashback Protection
  • Art of Authentication
  • Back Data Security
  • Data Defence Systems
  • Data Fortress
  • Wired Up Cyber Security
  • Cyber Defense Squad
  • Cyber-A-Holics Incorporated
  • Cyber Hero Networks
  • The Cyber Hero
  • Nova Networks
  • Meet Me Now
  • Zombie Attacker Corporation
  • Cylert
  • Cyber Beam
  • Cybercrusade
  • Trust Worthy Defenders
  • Cyber Knights
  • The Cyber Patrol
  • Ember Secure
  • Expedition Cybersecurity
  • Upscale Vault Solutions
  • Spire Security
  • Meadow Protect
  • HighCountry Solutions
  • Pro Security
  • Mantis Protection
  • Cybersecurity Panel
  • Bonafide Protect
  • Backstage Cybersecurity
  • Vita Solutions
  • BigIdea Corp
  • Onyx Barrier
  • Standout Guard
  • Metric Security Solutions
Handpicked Cybersecurity Business Names With Matching .com Domain & Logo


Creative Cybersecurity Company Names

Creative cybersecurity company names should inspire and invoke wonder in readers. Many of these names are based on existing words, but are repurposed to fit a cybersecurity theme.

  • Digi Health

The “digi” in this name stands for digital. The term “Digital Health” can refer to any number of digital properties and their security. This would be a fitting name for a cybersecurity firm that prides itself on keeping digital assets accessible and secure for businesses.

  • Tech Patrol

This straightforward name applies the term “patrol” to digital technology. A patrol is an expedition to keep watch over an area or an asset. In this context, “Tech Patrol” refers to an entity that looks out for the security of digital assets or a network.

  • Robo Lasso

Lassos are typically used to catch animals. However, in pop culture they are also associated with catching criminals or thieves. A “Robo Lasso” refers to an automated “Robot” system that catches cybercriminals.

  • Virtual Baton
  • Click Secure
  • Sensi Vault
  • Network Trooper
  • Giga Operatives
  • Lofty Secure
  • Pettex
  • Tech Phantom
  • Tracker Fence
  • Moocatch Solutions
  • TruLife Protect
  • Allegiance Secure
  • Fisock
  • Cardinal Defense
  • Expedite Protection
  • Upfront Security
  • MidAtlantic Cyber Solutions
  • Pulse Patrol
  • Wildcat Solutions
  • Physitech
  • Parker Protection
  • Trawler Cybersecurity
  • Operigid
  • Navity Corp
  • Cybound
  • Skiess Solutions
  • Ambient Security
  • Cruric Solutions
  • Digi Monitor
  • Cyberspace Solutions
  • Tech Scanner
  • Viarch Corp
  • Orinque
  • Brainic Solutions
  • Racate Tech
  • Ethos Cybersecurity
  • Snacyber Solutions
  • Giga Protect
  • Tesseract Corp
  • Reify Security
  • Optics Security Solutions
  • Autoprotect
  • Cascade Protection
  • Anora Corp
  • Freenex Cybersecurity
  • Digital Vanguard
  • Dispatch Digital Solutions


Unique Cybersecurity Company Names

Cybersecurity is a growing field, with new companies cropping up everyday. Companies that wish to stand out from the rest of the competition will need unique names that stick in people’s minds.

Unique cybersecurity company names should sound out-of-the-box, and also convey a sense of wonder and resourcefulness. Such companies are expected to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, so these firms should highlight their out-of-the-box thinking through their name.

  • Linbacker

“Linbacker” is a play on the term “linebacker”, which refers to the large and hard-hitting defensive players in football. This unique name is both fun and conveys immense strength.

  • Cyber Cavalry

“Cavalry” refers to soldiers or fighters who were mounted on horseback. A group of calvarymen were often called in during difficult times in battle. When put alongside the term “cyber”, this name conveys that the company is effective at battling viruses and cyberattackers, and can be relied on in trying situations.

  • Digiguard

Digiguard is a combination of the terms “digital” and “guard”. This name straightforwardly conveys the notion of digital security. It is also compact enough to remember easily.

  • AI Protect
  • Interceptorz
  • Prsonnel
  • Reservystems
  • Corporels
  • Barrak Tech
  • Stationed Solutions
  • Cybergant
  • Garrison Security
  • Lyfeguards
  • Sydearm Corp
  • Botswain Tech
  • Omnipresence Secure
  • Cybergate Protection
  • Kordoning Solutions
  • Snitchar
  • Unwyre
  • Interstic Solutions
  • Firguard
  • Fullforc Solutions
  • Snipar
  • Reliant Tech
  • Armoriez Cybersecurity
  • Redeployd
  • Commandeered Security
  • Network Platoon
  • Waranter Solutions
  • Marlin Protection
  • Stellar Cybersecurity
  • Brigads Corp
  • Defens Tech
  • Recruitz Cybersecurity
  • Fortified Network Solutions
  • Sackar Tech
  • Sentinels United
  • Retrainz
  • Buntar Security
  • Armori Solutions
  • Cyber Lieutenant
  • Mobilizers Cybersecurity
  • Champion Security
  • Proprietary Protection
  • Reflektor Network Solutions
  • Adore Security
  • Northbound Solutions
  • Pinnacle Cybersecurity
  • Apex Protection


Trustworthy Cybersecurity Company Names

A cybersecurity firm is the best line of defense against digital threats. For this reason, these companies should have trustworthy sounding names. Many such companies contain the term “protector” or similar terms in their names, as these are associated with security.

  • Click Guardian

This name combines two unrelated terms to convey the idea of cybersecurity. “Click” refers to the act of clicking a computer mouse or operating a computer. “Guardian” refers to a protector that watches over someone. A name like “Click Guardian” tells readers they can trust the company to keep them safe in their digital activities.

  • Cybersecurity Gurus

“Guru” refers to an expert or an individual who is experienced in their field. The name “Cybersecurity Gurus” conveys that the company excels at cybersecurity, and should be the go-to choice for digital security solutions.

  • Digital Knight

A knight is a formidable protector whose job is to keep their king safe. “Digital Knight” essentially means digital protector, which ties in well with the idea of cybersecurity.

  • Cyberspace Watchdog
  • Web Patron
  • Insite Solutions
  • Catalyst Antivirus
  • Novus Firewall
  • Fibre Security
  • Terminal Protection
  • Security Zip
  • Vista Security
  • Cerberus Corp
  • Capital Champions
  • Sprint Cybersecurity
  • Atlas Antivirus
  • Security Central
  • Illuminati Cyberdetectives
  • Augur Digiguard
  • Grand Safeguard
  • Unleash Firewall
  • Incubator Antivirus
  • Platinum Digital Solutions
  • Spur Protection
  • Energize Unity
  • Intellect Protect
  • Security Link
  • Vision Cyberprotection
  • Azure Firewall
  • Digital Hull
  • Network Checker
  • Bliss Security Solutions
  • Security Bow
  • Protect Brite
  • Data Shepherd
  • Glyph Guard
  • Pharaoh Cybersecurity
  • Genie Protection
  • Apache Security
  • Cybersecurity Flex
  • Infinity Insights
  • Security Metro
  • Dataprotect Logic
  • Lush Protection
  • Cyber Maven
  • Founder Systems
  • Pronto Cybersolutions
  • Nexus Flow
  • Priority Security
  • Network Pros


Cool Cybersecurity Company Names

Some cybersecurity companies choose cool sounding names to appeal to a younger audience. Plenty of businesses are owned by the newer generation of entrepreneurs, and choosing a cool name may help the cybersecurity company with being noticed.

  • Digital Visor

A visor is a surface that protects your face. Therefore, a Digital Visor protects your digital assets.

  • Second Screen

The process of scanning for threats is known as “screening”. The name “Second Screen” indicates that the cybersecurity firm is thorough in catching threats.

  • Puma Protection

Pumas are swift and fierce predators that are adept at catching prey. The name “Puma Protection” conveys strength and effectiveness.

  • Patchworks Security
  • Cloud Sentinels
  • Encryption Pros
  • Rollout Systems
  • Phantom Oversight
  • Ping Protector
  • A1 Security
  • Chrome Guardian
  • Itech Experts
  • Machine Intello
  • Plugin Protection
  • Sandbox Solutions
  • Nebula Cybersecurity
  • Sherlock Systems
  • Titanium Firewall
  • Digital Swat
  • Communigate Corp
  • Renewed Protection
  • Propagate Security
  • Cyber Trooper
  • Resilient Protector
  • Watcher Systems
  • Model Gate Solutions
  • Carousel Security
  • Synthetic Fort
  • Marble Platoon
  • Digital Squadron
  • Cyber Reinforcements
  • Logic Operations
  • Safer Surfing
  • Rubicon Cybersecurity
  • Excite Protection
  • Desktop Sentinel
  • Enigma Cybersecurity
  • Overseer Systems
  • Roboframe Corp
  • Affluent Security
  • One-Stop Guardian
  • Byte Protector
  • Nimble Warrior
  • Rank Cybersecurity
  • Turbo Firewall
  • Nest Antivirus
  • Lance Protection
  • Amaze Fortified
  • Universal Cybersecurity
  • Serenity Protections


Conclusion: Cybersecurity Business Names

Cybersecurity is one of the most popular industries to start an internet-based business these days. This means that there are more and more potential cybersecurity companies around the web. As a result, it becomes harder for new businesses to get noticed and create the right brand image.

The name is one of the most important decision you’ll make for your ​​cybersecurity company: it will determine the perception of your company in the market.


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