315 Youtube Channel Name Ideas for Girls to Be Inspired

Girl YouTube Channel Names

YouTube is an excellent platform for girls who want to start their own vlogs. Many girls name their channels with their own names, but that’s kinda boring. If you are struggling to find an attractive name for your new YouTube channel, this post is for you. In this article, we have put together a huge collection of catchy, girly, and creative YouTube channel name ideas for girls.

When starting a YouTube channel, the first thing you need to do is to come up with an attractive name for it. It is important because it will be the first thing people will notice when they see your videos in their recommendations. Your channel name could be the difference between someone clicking on your video or deciding to skip it, therefore; you need to choose it wisely.

It can define your style, professionalism, creativity, and approach to content creation. An eye-catching channel name can make you stand out in the crowd and increases the chances of your target audience hitting that subscribe button.

Your YouTube channel name will be the face of your online brand, so it’s important that you choose something memorable, short, and original. It has to resonate with your target audience and represent your personality well.

It is not that easy picking a good name for your YouTube channel. There’s a ton of competition out there, and thinking outside of the box is key. Sometimes it seems like nothing is popping out to you until someone tells you one name, and then, boom, all the ideas come at once.

To make the brainstorming process easier for you, we decided to put together tons of original and creative YouTube channel name ideas for girls. Whether it’s for vlogging, fashion, beauty, etc., there is a huge array of categories available to pick from. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a few great options in your pocket.

So, without further delay, let’s dive right in.

YouTube Channel Names For Girl Vloggers

We’re sure you have heard of some famous YouTube girls: SSSniperWolf, iHasCupquake, Simply Nailogical… just to name a few. These people have done exceptionally well with their YouTube channels.

They have millions of subscribers. WOW! While these are just a few examples, what makes their channel names so special? What makes them stick out in YouTube land? The answer is good branding.

Vlogging can be a fun and fulfilling hobby and even a lifelong profession for some. It is a great way to share your thoughts and experiences with the world. But it can be difficult to come up with a cool name for your YouTube channel.

To save you time and effort, here is a collection of eye-catching name ideas for your new vlogging YouTube channel.

  • The Spotlight
  • Gorgeous Girls
  • Glitzy Glam
  • Blissful Kitty
  • Cute Unicorn
  • Miss Love
  • Charming Curls
  • Divine Diva
  • Epic Cutie
  • Butter Me Up
  • Vlog Fantasia
  • Lovely Rose
  • Sweet Baby
  • Girlie Musings
  • Fabulous Fashion
  • Happy Girl Talk
  • Dreamy Dressup
  • Hairspray Queen
  • The Krazy Kitten
  • Pretty Things I Love
  • Vlog Life
  • Bright & Co
  • Beautifully Bloated
  • Sunny Dreamers
  • Share Your Beauty
  • Flower in the Gateway
  • Shape of You
  • Addictive Baking
  • Beautiful Ballerinas
  • Clever Cooks
  • Flamingo Feathers
  • Delightful Designers
  • Beauty Breakthroughs
  • High Definition Beauty
  • Gossip Girl
  • The Full House
  • Lingerie Life
  • Graceful Grace
  • Silver Sparkle
  • Feminateness
  • It’s All About Girls
  • Take Me Back
  • Dress Me Up
  • Vintage Addict
  • Perfect Proportions
  • Nice n Naughty
  • The Basic Blonde
  • Candyland Princess
  • Foxy Chic
  • Glam Charming
  • Happy Go Lucky
  • Pink Side Of Life
  • Bitterly Happy
  • Oh So Beautiful!
  • The Makeup Collector
  • Just Fab Chic
  • Double Kisses
  • Flawless Girl
  • Passion for Fashion
  • Princess of Style
  • Charming Chef
  • Captivating Beauty
  • Cheeky Chic
  • Luxury and Grace
  • Cutie Doll
  • Flower Girl
  • Hot Honey
  • Ocean Bubblegum
  • Young Vibez
  • Looking Good
  • Glamourous Lifestyle
  • Your Thoughts R Blurry
  • Vlog Squad
  • Join the Fun
  • Sisters with Style
  • I Like Myself
  • Traveling Sisterhood
  • Drinksie the Vlogger
  • Evie Loves
  • Favs n Faves
  • Minnie’s World
  • Pretty Little Princess
  • Pastel Pillows
  • All Things Kandee
  • Angel Baby
  • Ariana On The Rise
  • Beauty Knowledge
  • Beauty Chick
  • Angel Bella
  • Bella Loves
  • Cool Girls
  • The Perfect Date
  • Sassy Vlogs
  • All Things Beauty
  • Cutest Things On Earth
  • Babes on the Run
  • The Glamazons
  • Aspiring Hippie
  • Lovely Vlogs
  • Nerdy Vlogs
  • Clean Eating
  • Girly Glam Vlog
  • Young Mommy Vlog
  • Fashionable Beauty
  • Daily Life of a Girl
  • Baby Dolly
  • Vlogging Blondie
  • Hollywood Baby
  • Minty Diary
  • Girls Only
  • Miss Alexia
  • Minty Tea Time
  • Fashionista Boss
  • Live Love Laugh
  • Simple Living
  • Easy Finds
  • Get Ready With Me
  • Sketchy
  • The Diva Vlogs
  • Crafty Sensations
  • Ambitious Virgo
  • Glam and Glitz
  • Girls Who Know
  • Flower Girl Style
  • Cute And Chubby
  • Adventure Girl
  • Charming Gossip
  • Miss Universe
  • Life as a Girl
  • That Girl life
  • Night Owl Girl
  • Culinary Gourmet Girl
  • Beauty, Fashion & Escape
  • Girl to Girl
  • Foodie Girl
  • Cool Girl Fashion
  • Girls Get Ready
  • Girl’s World
  • DIY Lifehack and Fashion
  • The Girl Combo
  • One Girl’s Style
  • Girl Experts
  • Rainbow Vlogger
  • Diva Talk
  • Lemon Girl
  • DIY Diaries
  • Girly Fashion
  • Girl Next Door


Cool YouTube Name Ideas For Girl Gamers

If you’re a girl gamer and want to show the world your love for gaming, why not do it on YouTube? Since gaming streams are getting more and more popular, many girls are jumping into this niche and starting their own gaming channels on YouTube, where viewers are able to watch them play their favorite games.

LDShadowLady, Lomadiah, iJustine, and KittyKatGaming are few famous female gamers on YouTube who are inspiring many other girls to create content around gaming.

When starting a gaming channel, the first step is to pick a cool name for it. You want something short, fun, and memorable that expresses your personality and resonates with the target audience. At the same time, it must have a little feminine touch to it.

With that in mind, here are plenty of cool YouTube channel name ideas for female gamers. Browse through the list and pick the one that tickles your fancy.

  • Sassy Sally Gamer
  • Gamer Girls
  • Lovers Play Together
  • Pretty Girls Gaming
  • Tiny Tot Handsome
  • Gamer Chicks
  • Girl Boss
  • Geeky Girl Gamer
  • Fun Hardcore Gamer
  • Gamer Girls Box
  • Game Grrls
  • Meow Game Girls
  • Just for Girls
  • World of Female Gamers
  • Gaming with Gia
  • Fun At Four Games
  • Pixel Princess Gamer
  • Game With Sprout
  • Pretty Princess Peach
  • Harley Gamer
  • Gacha Galz
  • Talky Corner
  • Castle Crashers
  • My Little Pony
  • Realm Pretty
  • Princess Peach
  • Clumsy Climber
  • Lost Causality
  • Charming Cutey
  • Fashion Heaven
  • Gamer Chickzz
  • Dancer Diaries
  • Elegant Emily
  • Game Lore
  • Girls and Games
  • She Plays
  • UltraGamer Girl
  • Awesome Girl Gamer
  • Shy Girl Gamer
  • Epic Gaming Girl
  • Happy Gardens
  • Purple Lily
  • The New Space
  • Game Grumps
  • Strictly Platonic Gamer
  • League of Extraordinary Gamers
  • Four Lanky Ladies
  • One Geeky Gal
  • MMO Queen
  • Pump Up Tha Volume
  • We Heart It
  • Little Gamer Girl
  • Some Like It Hot
  • Becoming A Gamer
  • Boundaries End
  • Candy Coated Colors
  • Chic Lady Gamer
  • Console Buff
  • Game And Paint
  • Game Every Single Day


YouTube Channel Names For Sisters

Sisters are always up to something. They are best friends, trustable confidants, little detectives, partners in crime, and much more. They like to enjoy certain activities that bring them closer together.

Are you and your sister very close to each other and love to do a lot of things together. Well, why not start a YouTube channel together then? Well, first, you need to pick a name that reflects the special bond between you and your sister. The name can make a lot of difference in the growth of your channel, and therefore it should be chosen wisely.

We’ve put together a list of great names designed to inspire and help you find the perfect name for your YouTube channel. Take a look!

  • Sisters Fashion
  • Style Sisters
  • Crafty Sisters
  • Just Between Us
  • Crazy Siblings
  • Whose Sister Is This?
  • Extremely Witty Sisters
  • Sisterly Advice
  • Little Sisters
  • Sisters Love
  • Watch Us Grow Up
  • Soul Sister
  • Sisters with Heart
  • Best Friends Forever (BFF)
  • Sisterhood Under the Stars
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Not Just Sisters
  • Family Affair
  • Cute Sisters
  • Sister Squad Goals
  • Proud Family
  • Goal Diggers
  • Life with My Sister
  • Sweet Sisters
  • The Sisterhood
  • Girl Squad
  • Lip Sync Battle
  • Fashionista Sisters
  • Girl Power
  • Sisters Rock!
  • 2 Girls in 1
  • Obsessed with Fashion
  • Girl Bonding
  • Girls Night In
  • The Gilmore Girls
  • The Closer Sisters
  • The Real Housewives
  • Suits and Sneakers
  • I Love My Sister!
  • Amazing Siblings
  • Little Baby Sisters
  • Brat and Sis
  • Double Trouble
  • Petal and Pearl
  • Little Pearls
  • Light-Hearted Mess


YouTube Names For Beauty and Makeup Channels

Beauty and makeup channels are popping up everywhere. And that’s a good thing. Women have been fascinated by glamor since it was invented. It’s a tradition that lives on today. And with the help of social media and platforms like YouTube, you can easily transition from a home-based business into a profitable career as a makeup artist or beauty consultant.

YouTube is one of the most dominant platforms for budding artists to showcase their talents. Being on YouTube can do wonders for you. Not only will it help increase the reach of your work, but it also helps build an online fan base.

But before starting your own beauty & makeup channel, it is important to choose an appealing name.

Here are some wonderful beauty and makeup-related YouTube channel name ideas so you can get ahead of the game right off the bat.

  • Beautylish
  • Get Glowing
  • Beautilicious
  • Brilliant Makeup
  • Make Me Glow
  • Pretty Face
  • Glam Girls
  • Charisma White
  • Our Beautyful Shine
  • Pink On Tuesdays
  • Common Blonde Beauty
  • Pinkie Maven
  • Lux Makeup
  • What Not To Wear
  • Happy Healthy Mama
  • Naturally Beautiful
  • Chic Boudoir
  • Lipstick Lovers
  • Mascara Makeover
  • Cosmetic Queen
  • Powder and Palette
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Compliments Galore
  • Lipstick Chronicles
  • Bolds and Beauties
  • Face of the Day
  • Flutter Lashes
  • Soft Summer Makeup
  • Chic Girl Needs To Know
  • Bookworm Beauty
  • Glamorous Fashionista
  • Makeup Guru
  • High-End Fashion
  • Beauty Babes
  • Black Beauty
  • Cutie Lips Lover
  • Miss Piggy
  • Lovely Life
  • Trendy Beauty
  • Pink Lily Beauty
  • Beautiful Life and Style
  • Nails Inspiration
  • Fine Makeup
  • Lips with a Twist
  • Beauty Broadcasts
  • Makeup Maxed Out
  • Battle of the Looks
  • Stunning Looks Every Day
  • Beauty Routine!
  • BeautyBuzz
  • Brown Beauty
  • Stunning Mascara
  • Gorgeous Lashes
  • Cute and Cozy
  • My Style Diary
  • Classy Makeup
  • Everyday Makeup
  • Beauty Expert
  • Galactic Glam
  • Unicorn Eyes Lashes
  • Creamy Sweet


Conclusion: Girl YouTube Channel Names

It was a long ride, but we made it! That wraps our list of girl YouTube channel name ideas.

There are a lot of different styles and types you can go for, which range from cute, girly, and quirky to classic and serious. We’ve tried to include a mix of each here, but feel free to go with whatever suits your personality!

Remember, these are what we could come up with and there are thousands of other good ones out there. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

We’ve spent a lot of time researching these names and analyzing the insight about them, all with the intention of making this as informative for you as possible.

We hope you have found this article useful, and if you found a suitable name that matched your requirements, don’t forget to bookmark it so that you will have easy access to it the next time you need it.

And don’t forget to share this article on social media as well as with anyone else who might find it helpful.

We wish you all the best and have a wonderful day!

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