367 Golf Business Name Ideas that Inspire Golfers

Golf Business Names

So, you’ve thought about it long and hard and are ready to start a golf business. Now, there’s one thing standing between you and taking that next big step…you need a name for your business! If you are struggling to find a catchy name for your golf business, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, we’ve gathered hundreds of catchy golf business name ideas that should help you get started.

If you’re starting a golf business it’s very important to have the right name. You don’t want something generic but you don’t want something overly complicated either.

Your business name will be the vehicle that drives in potential golfers or customers. In order to draw people’s interest, your business name needs to be original and interesting. It’s also important that your potential clients can easily pronounce it so they can tell their friends and associates about it easily.

To save your time and energy, we’ve put together a huge list packed with original and attractive golf business name ideas. We hope it will help you come up with your own unique ideas and help you pick the perfect name for your dream golf venture.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Catchy Golf Business Names

Are you planning to start a golf business? Perhaps you are interested in starting your own golf course, golf store, or even a driving range. No matter what type of golf business you want to start, you should consider coming up with a catchy name first.

You want something memorable, clever, and unique to appeal to your target audience. But how do we get started? It’s not an easy task mainly because coming up with a golf business name takes time and effort.

But don’t worry! We got you covered. This list will hopefully help you come up with the ideal name for creating your very own golf business.

  • The Golfing Life
  • Rolling Greens
  • Golf Guru
  • Golf Talk
  • Golf Nutters
  • Eighteen Hole
  • Golfing Buddy
  • Happy Golfer
  • All Hitter Club
  • Golf Affair
  • Double Eagle Golf
  • Lucky Shot Golf
  • Broadway Masters
  • Straight Down Designs
  • The Angry Golfe
  • Wacky Golf
  • Bison Bay Golf Course
  • Alfie Golf Co
  • Honors Golf
  • Golf & Country Club
  • The Putt Namer
  • The Lone Greens
  • Woods and Fairways, Inc
  • Hole in One Golf Course
  • Buffalo Ridge Golf Course
  • Getting Tee-Ed Off
  • Aloha Golf Course
  • The Putting Green
  • Little Green Men
  • Golf Pro
  • Down the Line
  • Classy Chip Shots
  • White Horse Golf Course
  • Fox Run Golf Links
  • Knock out Golf
  • Wise Owl
  • Apache Creek Golf Club
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Golf Ace Enterprise Co.,ltd
  • Gold Diggers Golf Course
  • Fox Run Golf Resort
  • Top Stars Golf Academy
  • Top Tee Time Golf School
  • Avalance Golf Equipment
  • Titleist Golf Club
  • All Aground Golf Equipment
  • The Tee Shot
  • Par for The Course
  • Golf Warehouse
  • 7th Hole Ventures
  • The Golf Pro
  • Ponderosa Golf
  • Ms. Golfer
  • Ace Golf Solutions
  • Birdie Golf Covers
  • Hole in One
  • Golf ‘n Gear
  • J & A Golf Supply Co Inc
  • Tee Time
  • Happy Whackers
  • Horizon Golf Course
  • Aida Golf Club Repair
  • Fairway to Success
  • Dead Ball
  • Golf Ace Ltd.
  • Golf-A-Thon
  • Woodhaven Golf Course
  • The Happy Driven Golf Company
  • Fairway Park Golf Academy
  • Ahh Golf
  • Cadence Golf
  • The First Tee
  • Adam Golf
  • Golfers Golf Shop
  • Golf Central
  • The Golf Store
  • Green Acre Golfers Club
  • Rock Bottom Golf
  • Ace Farm Golf Supply
  • Club House Promotions, Inc.
  • Duffer Golf World
  • Ace on 9
  • Birdie Golf
  • Golf N Go
  • Green Hawk Golf
  • Par Four Life…
  • 3rd Base Golf Course
  • Diesel Golf Cart Service
  • Tiger’s Mini Golf
  • Grapeshot Inc.
  • Peach Cadillac Golf Pte Ltd
  • Golf Pro Shop
  • Golfing Club
  • Hole in One Special
  • Golf Ball Delivery Service, Inc.
  • Sneaky Sevens…
  • Target Practice
  • The Golf Pro Shop
  • Pebble Beach Golf and Country Club
  • Golf Doctor


Creative Golf Business Names

If you want a jump start on coming up with a creative name for your new Golf-related business venture, then just tap into the vast expanse of colorful names already in place around the world of golf.

Below is a list of creative golf business names that was created based on surveys taken online with golfers and others who work in golf-related businesses. Take a look!

  • Clockwork Golf
  • 9 Holes to Riches
  • Crooked Golf
  • Puntastic Putters
  • Cherry Hill Golf and Country Club (CHGCC)
  • Putt Putt Golf
  • A Hole in One
  • Sand Tee Golf
  • Major Golf Outlet
  • Addington Global Golf
  • Golf Boyz
  • Fine Fairways
  • Fairway to Heaven
  • April Golf Clothing
  • Birdies and Bogeys Golf Course
  • Advanced Pocket
  • Golf Club Tours
  • 1 St Tee Market
  • Callaway Golf Club
  • Al-Futtaim Golf
  • Golf Land
  • Tee Ups
  • Go for Hole-In-One
  • The Skills Stop Golf Academy
  • The Brick Master Golf Academy
  • Ball Greezy Golf Range
  • The Tee Pad
  • Top Shots
  • Top Tee Time Golf Club
  • Aces Golf & Country Club
  • White Tee Golf
  • Ace Golf Shop & Driving Range
  • Top Golf Marketing
  • Go for It Golf
  • Golf R Us
  • Putt Head Pro
  • The Golf Cure
  • Golf Cart Wash
  • Castle Creek Golf Club
  • Tee Off Store
  • Golfers Geek
  • The Golfer’s Closet
  • Gelz Golf & Sportswear Inc.
  • Color Golf Bal
  • Heaven Is a Par 5
  • Golf Headquarters
  • Bear Creek Country Club
  • Birdie and Eagle
  • Brown Golf Shop
  • Golf Star
  • Long Iron Lodge
  • Classic Clubs Golf Shop
  • Calderwood International Pcc Ltd.
  • Albatross Golf Course
  • Silver Lakes Miniature Golf
  • Adios Golf Store
  • Bobby Play Golf Academy
  • Hole in One Entertainment Inc.
  • Mc Call’s Golf
  • Eagle Golf Supply
  • Around the Bend Hole
  • Palm Desert Golf Clubs
  • Golf Spot
  • Brilliant Greens
  • Snow Golf
  • Tee Off Construction
  • The Long Stroke
  • Birdie and Eagle
  • Golf Academy
  • The Passionate Golfers


Mini Golf Business Names

There are so many things to think about when deciding on a name for your mini-golf course. It should be short, easy to pronounce, memorable, and targeted at your ideal audience. This task is easier said than done and can feel overwhelming at times.

To make it easier for you, we’ve listed below plenty of awesome mini-golf business name ideas for you to choose from. Enjoy!

  • Rainbow Mini Golf
  • Crazy Golf
  • Rolling Hills
  • Space Putt
  • Garden Fairways
  • Unicorn Lawns
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Lucky Lane
  • Magical Maze
  • Fairytales & Castles
  • Dragon’s Lair Mini Golf
  • Castle Golfland
  • Pirates Cove Mini Golf
  • Jungle Mini Golf
  • Little Acres
  • Hole In One Mini Golf
  • Happy Putt Mini Golf
  • Minnie’s Mini Golf
  • Acorn Adventure Mini Golf
  • 18 Holes of Fun
  • Aces and Spades Mini Golf
  • All in the Family Mini Golf
  • Another Round Mini Golf
  • Bag of a Time
  • Barefoot and Teed Off
  • Ace Miniature Golf
  • Back on Track Mini Golf
  • Black Hole Mini Golf
  • Fat Cat’s Lagoon
  • Final Putt
  • Get Putt Golfing!
  • On the Greens / In the Hole
  • Hole Madness
  • All Golfed Out
  • Mini Golf International, Inc. (MGI)
  • Lovers’ Fun
  • Crazy for Putt
  • Quickie Putt
  • Putt Putt Palace
  • Tee It Off Mini Golf


Indoor Golf Business Names

Although the majority of golfers play outdoors, there is still a market for those who prefer playing indoors. In fact, it’s growing every year. If you’re thinking of starting your own indoor golf facility then one of the first things you will want to do is come up with an attractive name for it.

When developing a business name you should consider the brand image you want to portray and also how memorable and unique the name is.

But don’t worry – we’re not going to leave you hanging! Here are some interesting indoor golf business name ideas to help get your juices flowing.

  • Event-A-Golf
  • Buddy’s Indoor Golf
  • Putt for Dough
  • Tee Off!
  • Take a Swing!
  • Every Golfer’s Dream
  • Not Your Typical Golf Course
  • Play it Forward…
  • Turn Up the Heat!
  • The Miniature Golf Hole
  • Art of golf
  • Miniature The Golf Course
  • Magnify your Game
  • Swing Time
  • The Indispensable Golf
  • Indoor Golf World
  • Golden Rings
  • Shot Machine
  • Golf Ball Land
  • Ultimate Indoor Golf
  • Putting Paradise
  • Golfing Range and Supply Co.
  • Golf Star Sports Center
  • Golf Greens & Games
  • Golfing Novelties
  • Short Hole Golf
  • Grand Pro Golf
  • The Miniature Golf Course
  • Action Adventure Golf
  • Crazy Golf Course
  • In-House Golf Club
  • Put ‘n’ Call
  • Happy Putt Family Fun Center
  • Rainy Day Golf


Funny Golf Business Names

Golf is a serious sport. It’s a competitive, challenging, and physically demanding sport. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun.

Having a business name that is too serious could turn off golfers from your brand. However, a fun name for your brand will put your competitors on the defensive and you will get the attention of more people in the golfing community.

This list contains some clever names which are sure to get attention regardless as well as some funny ones that will make everyone laugh.

  • Ahead Of Their Time
  • Crazy Holes
  • Wild Wild West
  • Pay to Lose Golf Club
  • Ugly Duckling Golf Lessons
  • Cloud Shattered Ranch
  • Striped Golf Wave World Tour
  • Underwater Golf Clubhouse
  • Swing A While Golf Shop
  • The A-Bag Men Golf Course
  • Golf Duds and Spuds
  • We Slice Fairways
  • Crazy Golf Specialist
  • Krazy Golf
  • Jolly Golf
  • Green Holes Golf Course
  • Yogi Bear’s Tee Shot
  • The Second Swing
  • Crabbe Hole Golf Shop
  • The Bad Golfers Association
  • No Golf Signs
  • The Pitch and Putt Emporium
  • Woodie Got Wood
  • Golf Balls R Us
  • Hit The Fairway (this is an ode the technical term for the grassy area between two raised rows of tee slots on a golf course)
  • Looper’s Paradise
  • Golf ‘n Grills
  • Hitters Paradise
  • Fairway Financial
  • Ladies’ Choice Golf Agency
  • Get a Grip Ladies Golf Service
  • Putts R Us
  • Putting Greens Inc
  • Happy Holidays Golf Course
  • The Back Nin
  • Fuzzy Glen Golf Course
  • The Putter
  • Caddy Shack
  • Birdies and Beers
  • Fairway to Heaven
  • The Golf Pole
  • Never Hold Back (storage facility)


Golf Business Name Generator

Tired of coming up with boring and overly generic names for your golf business? Need something interesting? Don’t worry! Here are some awesome name suggestions generated by a golf business name generator. Check these out!

  • Scratch Golf
  • Four Season Greens
  • Perfect Putt
  • Heather Glen Golf Course
  • Golf and Cart Accessories
  • Great Shots Golf
  • Golf 4 Less
  • Abe’s Pitch
  • Fairway Metrics, LLC
  • Pine Ridge Golf Course
  • First Tee Asia Ltd
  • Fairway Partners
  • River Birch Miniature Golf
  • Aspinall Golf Bags
  • 1 & 1 Golf Shop
  • Hampton Creek Miniature Golf Club Family Fun Center
  • Putt Putt
  • Tee Off!
  • Golf Club Co.
  • Pine Hills Golf Course
  • The Greens Keeper
  • Ace Golf Shop
  • The Happy Tee
  • Golf Castle
  • Bogey’s Paradise Golf Course
  • Golf Crazy
  • Hole in One International
  • Akira Golf
  • Golf Day
  • The Tee Time Golf Shop
  • Par 3 Family Fun Center
  • Arrowhead Golf
  • The 18th Club
  • Applewood Golf Crazy
  • Fat Stick Golf
  • Golf Pro Staffing, Inc.
  • Easy Eighteen
  • Golf World
  • Waves on The Woo
  • Highland Links Golf Course
  • Hole in One Sports
  • Cobra Golf Club
  • Golfers Paradise
  • Hole in One Sports Centers
  • The Links at Sunset Bay
  • Hole in One
  • Second Shot  Golf
  • American Golf
  • Fox Run Golf Course
  • Flat Creek Golf
  • The Par 5
  • Acorn Golf Club Products
  • Hole in One Driving Range
  • Grey Goose Ltd
  • Golf Island
  • Top Golf
  • Golf Pros Inc.
  • Bradford Miniature Golf
  • Money Management Golf Courses
  • Golf Mania
  • Golf Buddies
  • Glendale Mountain Golf Course
  • Plenty of Par Golf
  • Golf World
  • Arnold´s Bestiary of Golf
  • Power Tee Practice Center
  • Hole in One Grill & Pub
  • Birdie Bids
  • Top of The Fairway
  • Tee Off
  • Par 4’s & 3’s
  • Golf on The Ball
  • Golf Acres Inc


What to Name My Golf Business?

Golf is an industry full of innovation and great passion. What starts out as a fun pursuit can quickly turn into a lucrative business endeavor. It takes a bit of work and research of your own but the results are well worth the effort. The secret is picking the right name. A well-thought name can help you get your business off the ground while a bad name can often bring it crashing back down.

Whether you are a golf equipment store owner, course owner, instructor, a good name can help you connect with other golfers, put more traffic on your website and give your business a sense of legitimacy. It’s such a crucial part of your business, and you need to be sure it resonates with the people you want to attract.

Before you register your name, first you should define some important considerations in order to get the right name. The name you give your business should be short, easy to remember, and targeted to the right audience.

Here are several things to keep in mind when making this important decision:

  • Choose a name that is short, simple, and easily memorable (not more than 3 words)
  • Be original and creative in the naming process. Avoid generic names
  • Make sure the name is easy to spell and doesn’t include numbers and hyphens
  • Think about the vision of your golf business
  • Pay homage to the game of golf
  • It should be clear of any similarity to brands or businesses that already exists
  • Does it evoke the right emotion? Positive ones like winning or confidence? Or a negative one like fear or anger?
  • Check for the domain name availability


Conclusion: Golf Business Names

So, there you have it – a long list of golf business name suggestions to spark your creativity. These suggestions were from our group of experts.

While not all of these ideas are perfect, finding ways to draw inspiration from them can help you come up with something that will definitely catch on with your target audience.

If you’re not able to come up with a suitable name for your golf course business through this list, we suggest you email us with your requirements and our experts will try their best to help you out. With their help, you’ll have a great golf business name in no time. Good luck!

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