315 Mattress Company Name Ideas: The Only List You’ll Ever Need

Mattress Company Names

There has been a huge growth in online mattress companies over the last few years. One reason they are becoming so popular is that they offer convenience, but also because they compete with the low prices of offline mattress stores without the hassle of going to those physical stores.

What’s in a name? Is that really the question you want to ask when it comes to launching your mattress business? Yes, but more importantly this article will provide you with some awesome mattress company name ideas.

Short Mattress Company Name Ideas

Mattress companies are a dime a dozen. Just because you have the best brands to offer doesn’t mean that you will get customers right out the gate. The name you choose will be the first thing they see and naturally, it should make an instant and unforgettable impression on customers on a regular basis.

Make your mattress business stand out at a glance with these short mattress company name ideas:


This name instantly lets people know the biggest benefit your mattresses have to offer. People who suffer from insomnia or who like to take frequent naps can get a good chuckle out of it as well.


Thermal Comfort

We equate a mattress with comfort. A business with a name like this evokes warmth, a factor that target customers look for in a good mattress.


Solace Palace

When we come home from a hard and tiring day at work, the bed looks like a piece of heaven in our homes. You want to dive right in and a company that understands that is well on its way to success. A mattress company with a name that screams comfort is sure to attract more customers.


  • Snoozeberry
  • Sleepy Bye
  • Slumber Party
  • Slumber Time
  • Slumbering
  • Gentle Naps
  • Naptime Happytime
  • Snooze Spot
  • Sleepover Palace
  • Mattress Palace
  • Lullaby Land
  • Dreamland
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Standby Mattresses
  • Sleepy Time
  • Timely Naps
  • Passout Mattresses
  • Soothing Mattress
  • Luxury Mattresses
  • Comfy Surprise
  • Soft Clouds
  • Springy Mattress
  • Horizontals
  • Troubled Sleep
  • REM Mattresses
  • Eternal Rest
  • Sweet Sleep
  • Sleepy Mattresses
  • MattRest
  • Rest Stop
  • Sleepiness Master
  • Master Mattresses
  • Sound Sleep
  • Deep Slumber
  • Slumbering Giant
  • Inflated Bed
  • Mattress Pros
  • Makeshift Mattresses
  • Pillow Spot
  • Spotless Sleep
  • Drooling Sleep
  • Easeful Slumber
  • Filled Mattresses
  • Goosedown Mattresses
  • Feather Beds
  • Feathered Mattresses
  • Soft Feathers
  • Soothe Gap
  • Soothing Sleep
  • Calm Sleep
  • Sleeping Beauties
  • Modest Ease
  • Reassuring Mattresses
  • Humble Comfort
  • Old Gold
  • Consoling Beds
  • Luxury Beds


Catchy Mattress Company Name Ideas

The name of your mattress company is one of the most important element. After all, that’s what people will call your company when they’re talking about it with their friends or ordering it online.

Company names don’t have to be necessarily short or relegated to a single word to be catchy. It just has to make an impact that can be felt across different demographics.

If you are searching for catchy names for your mattress company, here are names that can make people take notice:


Soft Snooze

Who doesn’t want to sleep soundly each time their head hits the pillow? This punchy name is sure to get you more customers.


Torn Mattresses

This creative and punchy name will make people do a double-take and instantly curious as to what makes your mattress business unique. While your mattresses won’t be damaged, the name alone will peak their interest to see the condition they are in.


BlissMan Mattresses

A mattress company that promises bliss with its offerings is sure to catch the attention of anyone who is stressed out and wants to snooze like a baby.


  • BetterWish
  • Dream Genie
  • ActivFoam
  • Foaming Mattresses
  • Humble Comforts
  • Clean Mattress
  • Raft Spot
  • Floating Delight
  • Floating Butterfly
  • Havenly
  • New Dawn Mattresses
  • Night Delights
  • Easeful
  • Rise Anew
  • Rise Fresh
  • Restoratives
  • Chameleon
  • Dynasty
  • Dreamer
  • Eco Sleep
  • Edema
  • Fluffy Family Mattress
  • On Your Mattress
  • Tuned In Mattress
  • Sublime Sleep
  • AcquiREM
  • Sleep Innovations
  • Modular Mattress
  • Dream Cloud
  • Hay Affair
  • Lull Oasis
  • Rejuvenating
  • Serenity Mattresses
  • Relaxatorium
  • Extravagant Comfort
  • Ultra Bliss
  • Bliss Bomb
  • Recharge Mattresses
  • Whisper Mattresses
  • Energizing Mattresses
  • Breezy Sleep
  • Sophisticated Sleep
  • Sleep Time
  • Naptime Express
  • Sleep Express
  • Count Sheep
  • BodyFoam Mattress
  • GoodFresh
  • Freshen Up
  • Daily Sleep
  • Shirly Foam
  • Tranquil Foam
  • Tranquility
  • Silent Harmony
  • Professor Mattress
  • Evol Mattresses
  • Good Mattresses
  • Cushion Collective
  • Collective Sleep
  • Dozing Solutions
  • Dozinga
  • Slumber Party Excuse
  • Springy Comfort
  • Buffering Sleep
  • Quite Spots
  • Shady Spots
  • Beloved Mattresses


Creative Mattress Company Name Ideas

A creative name can make your mattress company stand out among competitors who sell the same brands of mattresses or types of beds you do. It’s time to inject some creativity into your business and the best way to start is through the name.

Here are some creative mattress company names that you can use:


Restorative Sleep.

A comfortable mattress can recharge low energy levels efficiently which is what most customers search for. Needless to say, a mattress company that offers comfort and restorative sleep solutions in the form of mattresses can make bank with this name.



The name combines two things that we all look for when we are looking for a great mattress. A company with this name promises both with its products.


The Doze Dome.

This name promises restful sleep solutions from a mattress company that is well on its way to becoming a successful brand.


  • Nimbus Mattresses
  • Twilight Dreams
  • Natural Sleep
  • Sleep Cycles
  • Postura Mattresses
  • Great Touch Mattresses
  • ZZZZen Mattresses
  • Zenful Sleep
  • Power of Zen
  • ZenRest
  • Meditate Mattresses
  • Amber Mattress  – Warm and inviting like amber
  • Blue Sky Mattress – Welcoming through the freshness of the sky
  • Basic Gray Mattress – Straightforward and clean in fundamental decor
  • Grapevine Mattress – A mattress that can be visually appealing in more ways than one
  • Urban Minutes
  • Minute Sleep
  • Sleeping Soundly
  • Sound Sleep
  • Forty Winks
  • Siestas
  • Easy Siestas
  • Take Five
  • Naptime Essentials
  • Sandman Solutions
  • Sand Man
  • ZZZ Easy
  • Berthing Mattresses
  • Hearth and Home
  • The Lullerie
  • Cloud Pulpit
  • Evoke Sleep
  • Woke Sleep
  • Heaven Glee
  • Gleeful Sleep
  • Intermission
  • Cloud Z
  • Hypnotic Solutions
  • Hypnotizing Mattresses
  • Early Risers
  • Early to Bed
  • Sweet Composures
  • Nocturnal Solutions
  • Renewable Sleep
  • Anti-Aging Mattresses
  • Blissfuls
  • Rest Mattresses
  • Starry Skies
  • Toasty Mattresses
  • Toasty Toes
  • Head2Toe Mattresses
  • Fresh Eyes
  • Tilting Mattress
  • Life Sparks
  • Spark Life
  • WakeUp
  • In Repose Mattresses
  • Happy Mondays
  • Restful Week
  • Prone Mattresses
  • Business in Sheets


Unique Mattress Company Name Ideas

A unique mattress company name does more than make people take notice, it remains in the mind well after they leave which increases chances of future purchases and referrals.

Are you planning to start a mattress business? Then, choosing the right name for your business is probably already on your list of priorities. There are so many mattress companies in the market today. However, if you want to stand out, you should ensure that your company name is unique.

We value creativity. That’s why we are here to help you with this task by providing you with our carefully handpicked selection of unique mattress company names.

  • Fresh and Rosy
  • Mint Juleps
  • Cocoon Factor
  • Snug AsA Bug
  • TakeIt! Mattresses
  • Great Touch Mattresses
  • Nappy Mattresses
  • Smooth Delight
  • All Night Long
  • Wakey Wakey
  • Cocooning Solutions
  • Transformative Mattresses
  • Marshmallow Dreams
  • Campfire Slumber
  • Relief Mattress
  • Whale Dreams
  • Expyry Mattresses
  • Soft Sleep
  • Sleepless No More
  • Ideal Mattresses
  • Blitzkrieg Dreams
  • War on Insomnia
  • Midnight Oil Mattresses
  • Uber Sleep
  • Summon Sleep
  • Floating Sleep
  • Sanitary Mattresses
  • RevitaFoam
  • Rise N Shine
  • Rosy Dreams
  • Dream of Roses
  • Nightmares Begone!
  • Trance Sleep
  • Sun Rizer
  • Special Moments
  • Memorable Mattresses
  • JackoMattresses
  • Wiley Mattresses
  • Molding Sleep
  • Supportive Mattresses
  • Sweety Bell Mattress
  • Your Next Mattress
  • Ordinary Mattresses
  • Just Mattresses
  • Cool Comforts
  • Own Comfort
  • Selfish Sleep
  • Soaking Sleep
  • Peaceful Snoozings
  • Mattress Experts
  • Long Zzzzs
  • Sound Sedation
  • Much Sleep
  • Drugged Sleep
  • Take Some Zeez
  • Zee Solutions
  • LayCation
  • Realm of Sand
  • Little Mattresses
  • Layman Mattresses


Cool Mattress Company Name Ideas

We usually don’t associate the word ‘cool’ with a mattress company, but that doesn’t mean that a cool-sounding name won’t be attractive to potential customers. It has the potential to stick in the mind.

If you are looking for cool mattress company names, you are in the right place. These cool mattress company names include great, trending, and unique names that will surely wow many customers.


Sleep On It

What makes this name cool for a mattress company is the fact that it is urging people to ease their stress and forget their troubles using their products.


KidUNot Mattresses

Nothing is worse than getting a new mattress that doesn’t deliver what it promises. With a name like this, you can commit to providing perfect mattress solutions each time.


Chillin Mattresses

A mattress company with this name shows that it values customers of all generations. The name brings Netflix to mind for obvious reasons.


  • JK Mattresses
  • Make it Sleep!
  • FeelMax Foam
  • Foam-worthy Mattresses
  • FeelComfort
  • FeelGood Mattresses
  • Daily Dreams
  • Sweet Dream Mattresses
  • Bed Factory
  • The Sleep Store
  • The Best Sleep in Town
  • Goodnight Sleeptight
  • Snore Fest
  • Soft Doze
  • Snore Worthy
  • Wake Pleasures
  • Bowless Mattresses
  • Bed Lining
  • Long Sleep Solution
  • Stuffed Mattresses
  • Mellow Moments
  • The Minimalist Mattress
  • EZ Rest
  • The Crib
  • Start Here Mattresses
  • Your First Mattress
  • Enough Sleep
  • Sedative Mattresses
  • Enjoy Mattresses
  • Deepest Sleep
  • ExtraSleep
  • GetMattress
  • Empire Mattress
  • Sleeping Giant
  • King Mattress
  • Queen Mattress
  • Master Bedroom Empire
  • Empire Bedding
  • Dreamland Empire
  • Restful Empire
  • Quiet Sleep Empire
  • Lucid Dreams
  • Comfort and Care
  • Quality Construct Beds
  • Best Naps
  • Siestas
  • Cribtastic
  • Bedroom Essentials
  • Bedroom Eyes
  • Budegt Friendly Mattresses
  • Visionary Mattresses
  • Nap Time
  • Lounging Glory
  • Benchmark Foam Beds
  • The Mattress Team
  • Sweet Mattress Company
  • Cloud Puff
  • Stay Puffy
  • Stay Puffed
  • One Mattress Company
  • Live Mattresses
  • Sweet Stays
  • The Down
  • Alpha Mattresses
  • The Mattress Emporium
  • Your Mattress Advisors
  • The Mattress Archives
  • Mattress Genie
  • Take Anywhere Mattresses
  • Mattress City


Conclusion: Mattress Company Name Ideas

So, what name did you end up choosing for your mattress store? I hope you found some great inspiration from the above bedroom, bunk bed, and mattress company name ideas.

No matter where you are in your mattress company name search, I hope that this article has given you the information you need to make an educated decision on what to call it.

If you’re still stuck, feel free to contact us. We will give you more names that are perfect for your mattress store.

It was nice having you here, but we’ve all got to sleep at some point. Mattress companies, consider this article as an aid in naming your company. Your sweet dreams start with an amazing name!

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