175 Catchy Payroll Slogans and Taglines

Payroll Slogans

Payroll slogans are what you put on your business cards and advertisements to convince people to use your payroll services. Having a good slogan is as important as having a quality product or service.

When you’re looking for new slogans for your payroll company, it can be a struggle. You want to come up with something unique and easy to remember. Finding that combination can sometimes be difficult. But, if you try these payroll slogans, you’ll have no problem coming up with a good slogan for your business.

Catchy Payroll Slogans

A catchy slogan can help your payroll business stand out from the competition and drive an increase in sales and leads.

To make things easier on you, here is a list full of catchy payroll slogans that you can start using today. Use this list to help you create an unforgettable tagline for your business.

  • Payroll Made Simple
  • Payroll Simplified
  • Payroll Made Easy
  • Just Payroll
  • World’s Most Advanced Payroll Service
  • Simplify Your Payroll Headaches
  • Payroll Done Right
  • Free Payroll in 30 Minutes
  • Payroll Made Easy My Company
  • Payroll for America’s Small Businesses
  • Payroll at Its Simplest
  • Welcome Back Payroll Experts
  • Payroll Services
  • Payroll Experts
  • Time to Payroll
  • The Way Payroll Is Supposed to Work
  • Easier Payroll
  • Payroll at Your Fingertips
  • Work Payroll Done Right
  • Payroll for the New Economy
  • Run Payroll in One Place
  • Payroll Service
  • Simplify Payroll
  • It’s Not Your Payroll, It’s Your People
  • Get Paid Faster Pay Less Tax
  • Pay for Everyone
  • Payroll Processing Simplified
  • Easy Payroll to Get Your Employee’s Paychecks on Time
  • Payroll Made Easy
  • Payroll Done for You
  • [your Payroll Company] – a Name You Trust
  • The Leader in Payroll Processing
  • [your Payroll Company] – You Know Payroll Done Right!
  • Connecting People to the Power of Payroll
  • Payroll Made Easier
  • More Than You Expect
  • Your Payroll Connection
  • Payroll, Benefits and Hr Software for Your Small Business
  • Easy and Stress-free Payroll
  • On-demand Payroll
  • No-stress Payroll
  • Simple Payroll Made Easy
  • Payroll Doesn’t Have to Be Hard
  • Payroll In A Heartbeat


Creative Payroll Slogans

Creative payroll slogans can help businesses stand out and stick in the minds of employees.

Here are some examples of slogans created and put together by our own staff!

  • The Small Business Payroll System People Trust
  • Payroll You Can Always Count on
  • The Future of Payroll Is Here
  • Build a Better World One Paycheck at a Time
  • Pay Your Employees on Time
  • Payroll Is Easy as 123
  • Payroll Services Is Hard to Beat
  • Your Payroll Company
  • Payroll That Works Payroll That Pays
  • It Pays to Pay
  • Keep Track of Your [payroll] and Stay Under the Tax Limit
  • Payroll Services Made Easy
  • We’re Not Your Typical Payroll Company We Are Built to Help You Succeed
  • We Make Payroll a Breeze
  • The World’s Most Precise Payroll Service
  • Easy and Simple Payroll
  • The Payroll Company
  • Simple, Flexible Payroll Management
  • **Affordable Payroll**
  • Simplifying Payroll in the Cloud
  • Payroll Made Easy: Payroll Done Right
  • Payroll for America
  • Payroll Your Way
  • Payroll on Demand
  • Payroll for Contractors
  • Simplify Payroll for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Contractors and Small Businesses
  • Payroll for Freelancers
  • The Freelancer’s Choice in Payroll
  • The Only Payroll Service That Truly Cares About Your Time
  • Payroll, Done Right by on-demand Payroll Expert
  • Payroll Done Easy
  • Payroll Done Freelancers
  • Pay Your Employees Without the Headache
  • The Future of Work Is Self-employed
  • Get Paid Weekly, on Time, Automatically
  • The Easiest Way to Pay Yourself
  • A Payroll Company With a Twist
  • Payroll for Everyone
  • The Original Company Payroll
  • Payroll That’s Simple and Affordable
  • Payroll for the Self-employed
  • Payroll Made Simple with [Your Company]
  • Payroll for Startups
  • Payroll for Modern Companies
  • Automatically Pay Your Team
  • Payroll on the Go
  • Payroll Automation
  • Time & Payroll, Anywhere
  • Supercharge Your Payroll
  • Pay Your Employees on Time, Every Time
  • Get Paid on Time, Every Time
  • Work Paycheck Done
  • Payroll With Customer Service
  • Reliable Payroll With Exceptional Customer Service
  • Simple, Transparent Payroll With Live Agent Support
  • Cloud Payroll
  • Streamlined Payroll for Small Businesses.
  • Payroll Easy
  • Simple Payroll
  • Simply Better Payroll
  • Payroll, Hr and Time & Attendance Software for Any Size Business
  • Faster Payroll. One-stop Shopping.
  • Payroll Done In a Snap.
  • Payroll Made Easy.
  • Payroll Made Simple
  • [Your Product] Is Our Solution for Hr Professionals Who Need to Get Their Payroll Done
  • Self-service Payroll
  • Pay Running Expenses
  • The Human Way of Paying
  • Smiles, not memos
  • An online time tracking solution that works


Funny Payroll Slogans

  • It’s Easy It’s Fun It’s Payroll
  • Payrun Me
  • Your Payroll, Your Way
  • Let’s Face It, No One Likes Paying Nanny Taxes
  • No More Payroll Nightmares
  • Time to Get Paid
  • Payroll Made More Fun
  • Pay a Little Get a Lot
  • Payroll for the Rest of Us


Payroll Outsourcing Slogans

With so many Payroll Outsourcing providers available today, how can your business stand out? Use this list of payroll outsourcing slogans to inspire you to choose your slogan.

  • All You Need for Payroll Outsourcing – From One Reputable Provider
  • Easy and Trusted Payroll Outsourcing
  • Payroll as a Service
  • Spot HR, Payroll Outsourcing
  • Automated Payroll Runs
  • Payroll on Autopilot


Nanny Payroll Slogans

Here is an exclusive list of nanny payroll slogans you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Hire a Nanny Payroll Company You Can Count On
  • Accounting For Nannies
  • A Payroll Service for Nanny So You Can Focus on the Important Things
  • The World’s Most Affordable Nanny Payroll Service
  • The Easiest Way to Pay Your Nanny
  • Pay Less to Nanny
  • Payroll 4 Nannies
  • Payroll For Your Nannys
  • We Handle It All
  • It’s That Easy!
  • Don’t Convert the System
  • The Nanny Won’t Notice So Why Do It


Conclusion: Payroll Slogans

Payroll processing isn’t just about making paychecks. It’s also about providing payroll services to your clients that give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

One of the most effective tools for doing this is building up a library of catchy and engaging slogans for your payroll business. You can use these slogans when you advertise, train new employees, and even as a mantra to keep yourself motivated while working on your business.

Make sure to go for a slogan that appeals to both the business owner and the customer. We suggest wordings that focus on the benefits as opposed to the features. Think about your target audience and what would appeal to them.

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