319 Catchy Payroll Company Name Ideas

Payroll Company Names

Payroll companies are an integral part of the corporate world today, yet most of them don’t even realize that there is a lot of scope for improvement. This is because there are many payroll companies that exist out there and they are all providing similar services to their clients. But this doesn’t mean that the existing payroll companies should lag behind when it comes to creating a brand.

Like every business, when you start your payroll company or small business payroll department, the first thing you need to figure out is its name. Choosing the right name will have an important impact on how people remember your business and find it online. So a good domain name for your payroll company isn’t just important — it can be vital.

Finding a good name for your payroll company can be a hard task. The name should be catchy and original enough to attract the attention of potential customers and business partners.

Short Payroll Company Names

If you plan on opening a payroll management company, you must already be bouncing off several ideas for its name. Choosing the right name for a company can make all the difference, especially when you’re just starting.

It’s important to come up with a name that sticks with customers. There are all kinds of different company names, but the most reliable ones are usually short and direct.


This seemingly simple and short name makes a great option for payroll companies. It adds a touch of playfulness to the word “payroll.’ Moreover, it’s easy to remember and pretty self-explanatory. If you tell this name to anyone, they’ll be able to figure out what your company does right away.


PayMan is another excellent one-word company name for your payroll company. Just like “PayPal,” it indicates that your company offers the services of making payments which is essentially what payrolls entail.


Salary is another name for monthly payroll and that is why “Salaried” makes a perfect name for your payroll company. It is a little play on the word, which makes the name memorable. Moreover, since it is a single word, it is easy to remember and recall.


So, here are short payroll company name ideas for you:

  • Check Assist
  • Compensator
  • Payroller
  • PayingOne
  • PayWage
  • WagePay
  • Payroll Stop
  • Payment Tools
  • Payroll Solutions
  • PayrollPros
  • PayProfessionals
  • PaymentCorp
  • Payroll Services
  • PayStation
  • Payment Point
  • InstantPay
  • Payrollment
  • PayStock
  • Cashup
  • SalaryGuru
  • Payroll zone
  • ManagePay
  • Payrollology
  • Payroll Inc.
  • PayrollBank
  • AccountsPro
  • Accounts Manager
  • Compensation Zone
  • Payroll Counter
  • PaymentPlus
  • PayrollBoss
  • Payzone
  • PaymentNow
  • PayrollNow
  • ElitePay
  • PayThem
  • Payroll Fix
  • Manage Check
  • Paycheck plus
  • Paycheckology
  • Paycheck desk
  • Paydesk
  • Check Pay
  • Salary Provider
  • Salary Management
  • SalaryBoss
  • Payroll Go


Catchy Payroll Company Names

Your company name also needs to be catchy, so that people can get used to it quickly. A catchy name is memorable and makes a lasting impression on clients. The right type of brand name can make the company look more interesting and welcoming.

Paid it

Looking for a company to manage your payroll? Wouldn’t a company named “Paid it” sound reliable? We think so! “Paid it” is a short name that will catch on right away in the market. It is also self-explanatory, which makes it easier for your prospective clients to find you.

Salary Gallery

Salary Gallery is a combination of two rhyming words which is as catchy a name as it gets. The name suggests that the company takes care of all your salary management needs. It is a name that is bound to make a lasting impression in your targeted market.

Payroll Control

Payroll control is another of our top choice for names with words that fit perfectly. It is a name that tells your prospective clients that your company will control all their payroll management requirements. This name also represents your company as an established entity in the industry.


Here are catchy names for your payroll company:

  • QuickPay
  • Payroll Servers
  • Recruiting Monitor
  • Proforio
  • Square Payroll
  • Payroll Guru
  • Payday
  • PayJam
  • PaymentSavvy
  • Payroll Crew
  • Time & Billing
  • Enhanced Payroll Services (EPS)
  • Payroll Partners Inc 
  • Absolute Payroll Solutions
  • 24-7 Payroll Service
  • Payroll Nation
  • Payroll Plus Systems
  • Touch of Gold Payroll
  • Gold Dust Payroll
  • Payroll Management Consulting
  • Seize Payroll
  • Paypod
  • PayrollPros
  • Payroll Express
  • Payroll In A Box
  • PayrolLink
  • PPaycheck Inc
  • PayCash
  • Payroll digital
  • Paycheck tech
  • Payment Hive
  • PayDen
  • PayrollConnect
  • PaymentPress
  • PayRoom
  • Paywindow
  • Payrollix
  • Paywall
  • Payment Square
  • PayMaster
  • SalaryFix
  • FinanceIt
  • Payroll Universe
  • Enhanced Payment
  • Payroll Desk
  • Pay Cashier
  • Paychecker
  • Payment Premium
  • Accounts Office
  • Ccounts officer
  • Alpha Payrolls
  • PerfectPay
  • PayPerfect
  • PayTech
  • Paychecking
  • Paycheck Assistant
  • Accounts Assistance
  • Responsible Pay
  • QuickPay
  • Payclick 
  • Pace pay
  • Alpha pay
  • PayAll 
  • Paydone 
  • Paycheck desk
  • Salary Dispersal
  • PayPoint


Creative Payroll Company Names

If you’re looking for something creative for your company, then choosing a name from this category will be the right way to go. In this section, we are listing down name suggestions for payroll companies that non-generic and truly original.

Wage Page

If you pride yourself on running a company that offers top-notch payroll management services, then it’s only fitting that you choose a name that makes the company stand out from the crowd. “Wage Page” is such a name and that is why it makes a superb name choice for your payroll company.


PayApp is another great name for your payroll company. It is a combination of words “Payroll” and “App,” which makes perfect sense for your company’s services. PayApp is also a short and memorable name, which is the kind of name that sticks with customers for long.

Manage Pay

If you’re looking for a creative name that sticks, then “Manage Pay” makes another excellent choice. It combines two words that describe the services offered by your company perfectly. Moreover, the choice of words is simple, so the name has a higher potential of making a lasting impression.


Here are creative payroll company name options:

  • Moneywire
  • Paywire
  • PayMax
  • Propay
  • PayNet
  • PayWare
  • Checkpolis
  • Payworld
  • UrbanPay
  • AccountantPro
  • RemlotePay
  • Payportal
  • Paycheck alpha
  • PayBank
  • PayHub
  • PayAvenue
  • MonthEnd
  • Payer
  • MonthlyDues
  • ClearDues
  • Employee payer
  • PaymentBoard
  • Payroll Maestros
  • PayCare
  • PayGo
  • Payroll Domain
  • Payment Studio
  • PaymentSpree
  • Dues Clearance
  • Payroll Mechanics
  • Pay Stop
  • Payment Live
  • Pay Premium
  • Payroll Base
  • Payment Drive
  • PayrollDrive
  • Touch Pay
  • PayrollPuller
  • Accounting Lite
  • Finance Doc
  • Ultra Payroll
  • Ultimate Payroll
  • Simple Payroll
  • Focus Payroll
  • Business One Payroll
  • Pay Op
  • Payflex
  • Payroll Trip
  • Payment Booth
  • Paycheck Booth
  • PaidPros
  • PaycheckFlex


Cool Payroll Company Names

If you’re a company that likes to stay in touch with popular trends and the millennials/GenZ crowd, then you need a name that is not only original but also “cool”. In this section, we’ll share our top choices from the lot.


PayUp incorporates the “cool” slang in its name and will appeal to your younger audience right away. It is a name that is short, direct, and very memorable. Plus, it’s ideal for a company that will be managing people’s payrolls.


PayChecked is a unique play of words that describes your company’s services exactly. It is a combination of the words “Payroll” and “Check.” We believe that this is a name that will catch on right away.


PayFix is another cool choice for a payroll company name. It is different, amusing, and right in touch with the modern language. Naming your payroll company “PayFix” can make it a trademark in the payroll management industry.


Here are cool Payroll company name options:

  • Wager
  • Team wages
  • Wager one
  • Wage Vibes
  • Wage Zone
  • Wages Monthly
  • Wages Deck
  • Wage Alpha
  • Wage Drive
  • WageOut
  • WageRelease
  • MoneyDues
  • MyWage
  • MyCheck
  • MyPayroll
  • MyAccounts
  • PayrollRealm
  • PayBuz
  • PayTag
  • PayCall
  • Payment Hack
  • PayHere
  • Payroll Override
  • Pay Mestro
  • Payroll Manager
  • Finance Reboot
  • PayX
  • I’ve Been Framed Payroll (a great brand name for a company with a sense of humor)
  • PayrollX
  • X Paycheck
  • Payroll Machine
  • Payment Design
  • CheckStack
  • DollarBill
  • BillPay
  • Wage Force
  • WorkingWage
  • PayOut
  • Payroll Essentials
  • PaycheckTracks
  • Payroll Premium
  • Payment Max
  • Hi-Tech Cheque
  • ChecqueFix
  • PayCatch
  • Payroll Plus
  • PayDen
  • Control Payroll


Unique Payroll Company Names

Today, if you’re not different then you’re not remembered. Looking for uniqueness is essential for choosing the right company name for your payroll company.

If you choose a generic name, then your company will be lost in the crowd and will fail to make an impression on your target audience. If you want to get noticed quicker, choosing a unique name is the best place to start.

Accounts Pro

This name suggests that your company is a pioneer in payroll management services. It is original, catchy, and easy to remember. That is why “Accounts Pro” will make a fitting name for your payroll company.

Pay Rolls

Pay Rolls is another great choice for your payroll company. It is a self-explanatory name, yet it has a touch of uniqueness to it. Pay Rolls is a name that you should definitely consider if you want a name that explains the services of the company before a client even interacts with a representative.

Payroll Plus

Payroll Plus is a great name for a payroll company. It is a unique name that will represent your company as a pioneer in the field. Your clients will engage and connect with this name right away. The “plus” adds a sense of premium-ness to the name and will appeal to your target audience.


Here are unique Payroll company name options for you:

  • Paid Check
  • Payroll Account
  • PayYourWages
  • PayrollDrive
  • Pay-Real
  • PayTribe
  • The Payroll Agent
  • The Payroller
  • Pay Hub
  • The Pay Street
  • ProPay
  • Pay Ways
  • Payroll Mentor
  • PayNow
  • PayPlay
  • PayDock
  • Pay Dot
  • CompensatePay
  • Pay Top
  • Payment Top
  • Payroll Core
  • My Checks
  • PayOn
  • Pay Reliable
  • PayDay
  • PayArrage
  • Pay Tech
  • Digital Payroll
  • Payroll premium
  • Payment Lady
  • Payroll Stack
  • PayOff
  • Wage Inc.
  • Wage Room
  • Bills Boom
  • PayBills
  • Begin Pay
  • PayProspect
  • Paychek
  • Bill test
  • Pay platform
  • Check Platform
  • Monthly Pay
  • Pay Hang 
  • PayPost
  • PaySpot
  • PayJock
  • Paycheck Spot
  • MonthlyPay
  • Salary taste 
  • GetPay  
  • Get Wage
  • PayMix 
  • PaymentMachine
  • PayrollPro
  • PayWage
  • Payroll Alley
  • DollarPros
  • MoneyGrows
  • GoldenPay
  • Reliable Check
  • PaySwift
  • SwiftPay
  • Pay-Go
  • On-the-Go Check
  • Pay click
  • Payroll Touch
  • Pay Grid
  • Payroll Max
  • Hop Pay 
  • Switch Pay
  • Custom Pay
  • Paying pro 
  • Wage Accountants 
  • Payup+
  • Pay Drop
  • Payroll Rebrand
  • Add Pay
  • Payment Sense
  • Payroll experts 
  • PaymentXperts
  • Salary Drip
  • Keepup pay
  • Pay Acc
  • SalaryIn 
  • Payroll Hatch 
  • Paidit 
  • Pay jab 
  • Pay Shift
  • Patroll Goals
  • Pay Providers
  • Payroll providers
  • Pay Close
  • Paygram
  • Pay test
  • Pay First
  • Payroll Pick


How to Name a Payroll Company?

How do you name a payroll company? There are many things to consider, like the business purpose and your target market. Payroll companies can also be named for their location or their target niche. Some name ideas for a payroll company can be a location, type of payroll, or the company brand.

The name of your payroll company is more important than you might think. Do you want to be so-and-so Payroll Services? I don’t think so.

Here are tips that you can use to name your payroll company:

  • Transfer an age-old concept to the payroll business
  • Combine wordplay with current trends
  • Make a great first impression
  • Match your audience
  • Describe the nature of your company
  • Unique company names sell better
  • Keep it simple, but personalize it
  • Use a made-up word that expresses the services you provide

Choosing a name that falls within the guidelines above, can help clients easily remember all the while creating a memorable brand image for your payroll services company.


Conclusion: Payroll Company Name Ideas

Payroll is a very important procedure and process within an organization. The calculation should be done accurately and timely to avoid penalties from the government. We all know this, but not many companies realize that their names will determine the help they get in registering with the payroll commission and how they are perceived by the public.

Needless to say, the name you have chosen for your payroll company could play an important role in its success or failure. This is why every detail should be taken into serious consideration when naming a new company.

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