Top 20 Postman Alternatives for Better API Testing

Postman Alternatives

Ahh, Postman. For us API lovers, it’s home sweet home. I got to know this baby quite well in my downtime from contract work. The fact that it offers a free forever version with a generous limit of collections and active users makes it easy for anyone to start testing their API designs for free without a credit card or prior commitment required.

When I first started using Postman, I could never imagine there were other API development tools out there. How wrong I was! Postman is great and has a lot of handy features for developers, but it is well on its way to becoming a big boy tool. It’s not the only game in town anymore.

From Akana API Management Platform to WSO2 API Manager, there are plenty of alternatives to Postman. These API management platforms provide the tools you need at every step of the way. Many of these alternatives also offer free trials, allowing you to find the best API platform for your needs.

With more than 17 million developers using Postman, it is one of the leading API platforms for building and using APIs. Postman’s popularity can be attributed to its dynamic support for each step of the API lifestyle. 

While Postman is great at collecting and combining data, there are better alternatives out there. These platforms are designed to streamline your productivity, offering support for every step in the lifecycle of an API.

Postman Alternatives

Here’s our comprehensive list of the top Postman alternatives. One of these alternatives is sure to be the right fit for your business!

1. Akana API Management Platform

For those looking to accelerate their API management, Akana might be the perfect platform! You’ll be able to accomplish a lot with this robust platform, wherein you can manage the entire API lifecycle. Creating and deploying APIs is more efficient than ever, with this software allowing you to beat your competitors to market.

There are many reasons to love this management platform from Akana, which will equip you with the tools to protect your business. To watch a demo on their platform, you can visit the link above!


2. Amazon API Gateway

Regardless of the scale that you’re working at, Amazon’s API Gateway could be the perfect Postman alternative for your business.

With this intuitive platform, users will be able to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs. With this platform, you’ll get excellent performance at any scale. The larger your scale, the higher your savings will be with this API management platform!

By visiting the above link, you can find many step-by-step tutorials of Amazon’s API Gateway. You can also register for a Free Tier AWS account to instantly gain access to this platform!


3. Apache JMeter

Originally designed to test web applications, the scope of Apache JMeter’s capabilities has rapidly expanded. With this open-source software, you’ll be able to test performance on a wide variety of resources.

If you’re looking for transparent, easy-to-use software, this could be the perfect Postman alternative for you.

You can find a full list of Apache JMeter’s features at the above link. There are also complete guides to using this open-source platform!


4. Axway Amplify API Management

Axway’s Amplify API Management Platform has all the features you’d expect from a Postman alternative. You’ll be able to efficiently design, build, and test your APIs. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to publish, secure, analyze, extend, and reuse your APIs – all in one robust platform.

To learn more about why the Amplify platform stands out amongst competitors, you can visit the link above. You’ll even be able to activate a free trial of this API management platform!


5. Azure API Management

Developed by Microsoft, Azure API Management is another fantastic platform to consider.

With unified API management, you’ll be able to work faster and smarter. You’ll be able to manage APIs on-premises and across clouds. You’ll also be able to protect your resources, all while improving your API discoverability.

Microsoft’s Azure platform might be the perfect Postman alternative, one that can accelerate your business. To find out more about Azure’s features and pricing, you can visit the link above. You’ll also be able to create a free Azure account!


6. Boomi

With Boomi API Management, users will be able to design, scale, and secure APIs in one platform. From Dropbox to Sky, many well-known corporations are using Boomi’s services – and you could be one of them! This platform supports the full lifecycle of APIs, which is sure to increase developer productivity.

At the link above, you’ll be able to watch a demo of Boomi’s fantastic features. If you want to test this platform, you’ll even be able to start a free trial of the software!


7. Firecamp

Regardless of which kind of APIs you’re looking to build, Firecamp could be the perfect platform for your needs!

Firecamp aims to help clients simplify the process of creating and running APIs. In doing so, Firecamp consistently helps clients boost their productivity. This platform emphasizes collaboration, allowing you to share API calls and documents between team members seamlessly.

To download Firecamp or learn more about their exceptional services, you can visit the link above.


8. Insomnia

From Kong, Insomnia is a platform designed to help you build and deliver higher-quality APIs.

With high-profile customers like Netflix, this is a platform you can trust. One of the many reasons developers love this platform is because it is open source and streamlined. With this platform from Kong, you’re guaranteed to accelerate your business.

If you’re ready to start building APIs with Insomnia, you can visit the link above. You’ll be able to review their pricing. However, you’ll be able to get started for free!


9. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Anypoint API Manager is a fantastic and robust Postman alternative. Developed by MuleSoft, this platform will allow you to operate and scale your business’s API program effectively.

With this software, you’ll be able to manage, secure, and analyze your APIs. With their intuitive features, you’ll be able to manage your APIs from one place, no matter where they might be located.

To try out MuleSoft’s universal API management tools, you can visit the link above. There, you’ll be able to start your free trial of the Anypoint platform!


10. Paw

Paw is considered one of Mac’s most robust API tools, making it an excellent Postman alternative for Mac users. With this management platform, you’ll be able to make sure all team members are on the same page.

Paw is a full-featured HTTP client that was designed especially for macOS. From Apple to Google, many well-known companies are using Paw to develop their APIs.

If you want to become one of Paw’s customers, you can visit the above link. There, you will be able to purchase Paw. However, you can first try out the software by downloading a 30-day free trial!


11. Red Hat 3scale API Management

Red Hat 3scale API Management is a platform designed to support innovation.

With this platform, managing your APIs has never been easier. You’ll be able to share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs from one place. This is an API management software that was built for optimal performance, one that emphasizes future growth.

If you’re interested in the features offered by Red Hat’s unique platform, you can chat with one of their helpful consultants at the above link. You’ll also be able to download a free trial of the software to test it for yourself!


12. Stoplight

Spotlight understands the lifecycle of APIs – and they’ve used this knowledge to help their customers. With this API management platform, you’ll be able to efficiently design, document, and create APIs.

This software was designed to support modern API workflow. That’s why so many well-established companies use this platform, such as Electronic Arts.

Prospective customers can book a demo of this API platform at the above link. For a more hands-on look at the software, you’ll be able to get started for free!


13. SwaggerHub

Developed by SmartBear, SwaggerHub has won many industry awards for its fantastic API platform.

With more than 100,000 API practitioners using their platform (and more than 200,000 API projects), this is a platform that will enable faster, more standardized API creation. This software is also designed to increase productivity by emphasizing collaboration.

At the link above, you can learn more about the great features offered by SwaggerHub. You’ll also be able to create a free account to try those features for yourself!


14. TestMace

With support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, Test Mace is a fantastic API platform.

Whether you’re a developer, tester, or part of a team, Test Mace has the perfect solution for your needs. Test Mace’s main features include complex tests, generating tests, JavaScript tests, teamwork, API import, and more.

For more information on these intuitive features, you can click on the above link. On Test Mace’s website, you’ll be able to download their software!


15. Testfully

If you’re looking for a powerful Postman alternative that will allow you to test and monitor your APIs, look no further than Testfully.

With multi-step tests and support for unlimited users and collaboration, this platform is designed to increase your team’s productivity. Using Testfully, your development team will be able to automate your API testing and monitoring.

To streamline your API testing and monitoring, you should consider joining Testfully. You’ll be able to learn more and get started at the above link!


16. TIBCO Cloud API Management

If you’re looking for a Postman alternative that will accelerate your company’s productivity, you should strongly consider TIBCO Cloud API management.

With full support offered for the full lifecycle of APIs, this platform is designed to empower your team and enhance your innovation and productivity. This platform from TIBCO is truly a game-changer!

If you’re searching for a better and smarter way to manage your APIs, you can learn more about TIBCO Cloud’s management software at the link above. You’ll also be able to watch a demo and start a 30-day free trial of the software.


17. Tyk

Tyk is another fantastic API management platform to consider!

From Audi to Starbucks, many international companies are using this platform to manage their APIs. With this platform, you’ll be able to connect services and systems instantly. This software is designed to help you create an API-led business that is secure, stable, and scalable during every phase of the API lifecycle.

Knowing you can view and control everything from one platform just sweetens the deal! The Tyk API management platform can do everything from designing to testing to publishing. To start your Tyk free trial or book a demo, you can visit the link above.


18. UserTesting

If you’re searching for the best platforms like Postman, you’ll want to consider UserTesting.

With an ever-expanding suite of integrations, this platform is designed to satisfy business needs. With the UserTesting platform, you’ll be able to scale your business, increase your visibility, and connect with best practices. With robust integration tools, getting started is as easy as ever.

At the link above, you’ll be able to sign up and join UserTesting’s developer portal. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to begin testing APIs and building applications!


19. WireMock

The right Postman alternative is one that allows you to stay productive! With WireMock, you’ll be able to perform fast, robust, and comprehensive API testing.

With customers such as Entertainment Weekly and The Guardian, this is an API testing platform that you can rely on. WireMock supports flexible deployment, robust request matching, and team collaboration.

At the link above, you’ll be able to find plenty of information to get you started – and for help along the way. To learn more about WireMock’s industry-leading features, you can visit their official website.


20. WSO2 API Manager

Last but certainly not least, WSO2 API Manager is considered one of the best open-source platforms for effectively building and managing your APIs.

This is a fantastic platform to use for simplistic API integration and management with complete code transparency. If you’re looking for an API management platform that will provide you with high performance, availability, and reconfigurability, WSO2’s API manager is a great option.

You can find out more about this fantastic platform at the above link. You’ll also be able to schedule a demo or start a free trial!



While Postman is one of the most popular platforms to manage APIs throughout their lifecycles, there are many great alternatives to consider. In this article, we guided you through twenty of the best API management platforms to try if you’re looking for a robust and intuitive Postman alternative.

Though Postman’s interface may not be as robust as some of the alternatives listed above, I feel that it is very user-friendly and intuitive; a lot of which comes from using the service on a regular basis. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are sometimes advantages to being exposed to a programmatic approach (i.e. Swagger, RAML).

However, this doesn’t apply to all use cases, so if you plan on using Postman for scripting purposes or something outside of a simple workflow, you might find one of the alternatives above more suitable.

Regardless of your needs though, I would encourage everyone to at least checkout Postman and play around with it before committing to anything else. There is a free tier that gives you access to all of its features (apart from batch scripting), so there is no risk in giving it a try.

There you have it — our list of the top Postman alternatives. Alternatives that we think are worth giving a try and may, in fact, be better than Postman itself. As with anything on this list, use your judgment to determine whether any one of these would work for you. Depending on what you’re looking for, anything can seem great!

So have fun trying out all these different solutions! And make sure to return here when you’re done with your experiment to let us know which was the best Postman alternative for you!

Happy API testing!

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