261 Yacht Company Name Ideas to Make You a Billionaire

Yacht Business Names

You finally made the big decision and decided to start your own yacht company. There’s just one problem left: what do you call your new company? If you are looking for some inspiration you’ll want to read this post. In this article, we have compiled a huge list packed with so many attractive yacht business name ideas to get your creative juices flowing and assist you in coming up with the perfect one for your new venture.

Yachting is a huge market. In fact, the boat business accounts for 10% of all luxury goods worldwide. Starting a company in this niche means you’ll have a big market to attract.

When looking to start a luxury yacht business, it is important to have a company name that stands out and caters to the ideal client base you are trying to reach. You’ll notice that yacht company names are well thought out, and often target wealthy individuals in emerging markets.

A well-thought name can help build a good reputation in the industry. The better the reputation, the greater client attraction, better conversion rate, and increased sales.

Even though you have thousands of ideas for Yacht company names in your mind, it can be hard to choose one that would fit perfectly with your business theme.

To make it easier for you, we have put together hundreds of handpicked name ideas for a yacht business. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Catchy Yacht Business Names

Yacht is a word that immediately conjures images of luxury, wealth, and extravagance. It’s the kind of word that’s instantly recognized and carries an array of connotations along with it. It needs to be catchy enough so that people remember it and return for more if they liked their first experience.

To save your time and effort, we have gathered some really catchy yacht business name ideas. Most of these names are surprisingly easy to remember.

  • Aqua Luxury
  • Utopia Yachts
  • Silver Wave Yachts
  • The Crown Yacht
  • Advantage Yachts
  • Sea Swag Yachts
  • The Coastal Cruise
  • The Grand Yacht
  • Nirvana Yachts
  • Ocean Magic
  • Sultans of the Sea
  • Sun Beach Yachts
  • Crystal Yachts
  • Sea Horse Yachts
  • The Starboard Yachts
  • Pacific Yachting
  • Power Yachts
  • Aubergine Yachts
  • Scorpio Yacht Brokers
  • Southern Yachting Company
  • The Cruising Club
  • Music and Tropical Yacht
  • Escape Cruise Lines
  • Corona Yachts
  • Sea Villa Yacht Tours
  • Trance Pontoon Boats
  • Bermuda Breeze Yacht Lines
  • Sun Catamaran
  • Ocean Cruiser Group
  • The Cruise Fever
  • Pacific Travel Yachts
  • Beau Boats
  • Sea Breeze Yacht Club
  • Northern Star Yachts
  • One-of-a-Kind Luxury Yachts
  • The Sun Boat Company
  • Adventure Yacht
  • Breakwater Yachts
  • Able Yachts
  • Get Ready to Sail
  • Infinite World Yachts
  • Marine Empire
  • The Sailing Empire
  • The Wave Rider
  • Ocean Cruiser
  • Horizon Cruises
  • Sea Dream Yachts
  • The Deep-Sea Cruising Lines
  • High-End Luxury Yachts
  • The Blue Water Journey Yachts
  • Old Sailing
  • Vacation Getaways
  • Sun Cruisers
  • Anchored Down
  • Artistic Yachting
  • The Future Sailing
  • Southern Cross Boatbuilding
  • Everybody’s Going Cruisin’ Yacht Company
  • Minks of the Sea
  • The Ultimate Yacht
  • The Royal Cruise
  • The Speedy Yacht Company
  • That Boat’s Expensive
  • Sea Wolf Yacht Company
  • The Blue Canoe
  • Blue Marine
  • Luxury Yacht Rentals
  • Sail O’Clock Boating
  • Land Rover Yachts
  • Deep Water Yachts and Cruises
  • Seafaring Yachts
  • Lone Star Yachts
  • Sand Dollar Yacht Company
  • At Sea with Sail Ivy
Catchy Yacht Brand Name Hand-Picked By Branding Experts ⛵️


Built around a clever play on the word boating, this name is perfect for a high-end yacht company. 

Regarded as the ultimate plaything for the rich and famous, a luxury yacht is often seen as a status symbol.

With such high demand, use the brand name Boaytng to capitalize on the industry and provide yachts across the globe.

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Creative Yacht Business Names

One of the most important aspects for any business is choosing the right name. The name will set the tone for your company, and with that, you should be thoughtful in selecting it. As you might have guessed, yacht company names have a lot more pressure on them than regular ones due to the competitive industry they’re part of.

The yachting industry generates billions of dollars each year, so you want to choose a name that will really help set your company apart from others.

To help you out, we have listed below some highly creative yacht business name ideas for you to choose from.

  • Blue Bay Yacht Company
  • Authority Boats
  • Rainbow Cruises
  • Serenity at Sea Yachts
  • The Sea Link
  • Sunset Sailing
  • Magnum Yachts
  • The Floating Palace
  • Aquanaut Yachts
  • Atlantic Cruise Lines
  • The Black Pearl
  • Ocean Breeze Yacht
  • Sea Craft
  • Abracadabra Yachts
  • Amundsen Yachts
  • Windy City Yachts
  • Mermaid Cruises
  • Aspire Yachts
  • The Global Yacht Tours
  • Feel the Ocean Breeze
  • Bullseye Boating
  • Ripples Galore Yachts
  • Clarion Marine
  • Authentic Yachts
  • Nauti and Fabulous
  • Seaside Limousines
  • Merchant Marine Yachts
  • Platina Yachts
  • Red Ship Luxury Yachts
  • Luxury Establishment Cruise Lines
  • Bluewater Cruises
  • Seas the Day Yachts
  • Superyachts
  • Mid-Ship Fleet
  • Bright Sails Company
  • The Sea Explorers
  • The Climate Yacht
  • Star Sail Yacht
  • Balboa Yacht Club
  • Star Wave Yachts
  • Seaworthy Yachts
  • The Dream Yacht Tours
  • Go Nautical! Yachts
  • Natural Sailing
  • Yacht Weekend Getaways
  • Coral Reef Sailing Adventures
  • Oceanic Wave Sailing Crews
  • The Sea Dog Yacht Company
  • Beaver Yachts (Small boats with respectable speeds.)
  • Luxury Sails
  • Good Times Unlimited Cruising
  • Coasting Waves
  • Sea Eagle Cruise Lines
  • The Sea Harvesters
  • The Ship Shape
  • South Seas Yachts
  • Voyage Keepers
  • Blue Waves Sailing
  • Luxury Sailing Yachts
  • Bahama Blue Yacht Tours
  • Coastal Cruises
  • The Blue Lagoon
  • The Spartan Yacht Company
  • Adirondack Yacht Enterprise
  • Splendid Yacht Tours and Services
  • Touring Yacht Rentals
  • Sun, Fun, and Sailing
  • The Cruise Voyage
  • Tropical Cruisers
  • Dream Cruises
  • Seaspray Yachts
  • Ocean Bound
  • Boat Forward (Boats for sale and rental.)
  • Wind-Maker Sail Cruises
  • The Sea Guard
  • Crusty Crab Cruises
  • Encore Sailing
  • Where There’s a Sea Yacht
  • Propellant Ventures
  • The Nautical Yachts Enterprise
  • Noah’s Ark Yacht Services
  • Bespoke Yachts
  • Destination Yachts
  • Open Water Adventures
  • Easy Does It Cruises
  • Premium Yachts
  • Luxury Yachts
  • Affliction Cruise Ships Apparel
  • Argo Catamarans
  • Omega Yachts
  • The White Party Pontoon
  • Sail On! Yachts
  • Exciting Yacht Tours
  • Fathom Yachts
  • Sea Swag Yachts
  • Thunderbolt Yachts
  • Sailing through History
  • Starfish Boats
  • Anchor Travel (for a yacht company with travel as its core focus)
  • Kaleidoscopic Views Yacht Tours
  • Boaty McBoatface
  • Pacific Yachts
  • The Sea Tyrant
  • Adonis Yachts
  • H2O Buoyant Yachts
  • Swell Yachts
  • Ocean Spirit Yachts
  • Blue Water Yacht Builders
  • Serenity Yachts
  • Mantaray Yachts


Cool Yacht Charter Company Names

If you’re trying to come up with a business name for a yacht charter company, take these cool names into consideration. These yacht charter company names vary in style, personality, and type.

Many yacht charter companies are bright and cheery, while others are serious and professional-sounding. You’ll have to sift through these names before you find the right one for your business.

  • Acrobatic Yacht Charters
  • Aquarius Yacht Charter
  • Coral Yacht Charters
  • Seahorse Yacht Charters
  • The Big World Yacht Charter
  • Charter Your Dream Abroad
  • Boom Family Charters
  • Dolphin Yacht Charters
  • Wind Fish Charters
  • Paradise Maxi Yacht Charter
  • Captain of The Sea Yacht Charters
  • Vespucci Charters
  • Sunrise Yacht Charters
  • Sail Away Charters
  • Tropical Breeze Yacht Charters
  • Sunset Yacht Charters
  • Luxury Offshore Charter boats
  • Firefly Yacht Charters
  • Private Island Charter Yacht Company
  • Brimstone Charters
  • Sailing Dreams
  • Beach Party Yacht
  • Odyssey Charters
  • Figaro Yacht Charters
  • Cygnus Marine
  • Cresta Waterways
  • The Storm Surfers
  • The Yacht Pro Shop
  • Coastal Sightseeing Tours
  • Breeze Boats Company
  • Find your Island
  • Family and Group Cruises
  • Unity Yachts
  • Yacht Harbour Cruises
  • Stingray Yachts
  • The Nimble Boating Store
  • Island Yacht Club
  • Blue Waterways
  • Boats for the Homeless
  • Nautilus Yacht Services
  • Atlantic Group of Yacht Tour Companies
  • Reef Yachts and Crew
  • Sea Fresh Yacht Services
  • Allure Yachts
  • Nature’s Way!
  • Rising Son of the God Yacht
  • Blue Me Away!
  • At the Water’s Edge
  • Bay Breeze Sailing
  • Silver Fox Cruise Escorts
  • Sea of Dreams
  • Evening Dinner Cruises
  • Arrow Turns (Boat companies that involve sailing, luxury lifestyle, and sports.)
  • The Caribbean Sailing Experience
  • The Wind Wing
  • The Party Boat
  • Fast as a Shark
  • For Eternity Yachts
  • The Nimble Boating Store
  • Sand Dancer Yachts
  • Fantasy Sailing
  • Atlantis Yachting
  • Alcatraz Yachts
  • Ace Yachts
  • Wind in the Sails
  • One Way Yachts
  • Sirocco Fishing Charters
  • Brand me Nautically
  • The Amphibious Yacht
  • Ocean’s Newest Yachts
  • Epic Whale Watching Cruises
  • Sail Away Adventures
  • First Class Cruise Lines
  • Angel Boat and Yacht Tours
  • Heaven on Water Charters (HWC)
  • Dive Yacht
  • Droids on Deck!


Conclusion: Yacht Company Names

There you have it – plenty of interesting name suggestions perfect for any type of yacht business.

With all the brainstorming, great ideas may have been flying in all directions by now. Hopefully, though, you have narrowed down your search to two or three great yacht company name ideas and are ready to do a final evaluation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we did crafting it. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to drop us an email. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day!

249 Catchy Boat Company Name Ideas

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