193 Computer Repair Company Name Ideas

Computer Repair Company Names

Finding a quality computer repair business name is tough. Yet, computer repair businesses are one of the most in-demand fix it services going. Anyone can set up a franchise so what really makes you stand out?

Soocial takes the pain out of finding your computer repair company name. We take a unique approach to branding by ensuring your new logo and name stand out from the crowd. You’ll know we’ve struck gold when your customers can’t stop raving about how creative and smart you are.

Here are high-quality names specially crafted for computer repair companies. From catchy phrases to popular words that show off your business’s unique personality. Browse through this list of computer business company names now and pick the one you like for your business!

Short Computer Repair Company Names

Computer repair companies provide solutions for all your tech-related issues, be it hardware or software. Their aim is to fix all the minor and major issues that you face while using your computers and other similar electronic devices.

Your computer repair company’s name should represent the services that you provide. You need to choose a name that is short (not more than two words), catchy, and memorable.

Some short computer repair company name options are as follows:

  • TechRepair

Tech Repair is a simple, short, and catchy name for your computer repair company. Moreover, it is easy to remember and represents exactly what your company does. That is why TechRepair is one of our top choices for computer repair company names.

  • PC Zone

PC Zone is another great option for your computer repair company. The term “PC” represents the word computer, and the zone represents your company that offers all the repair services related to them. This is a simple yet effective name, and your customers will quickly pick up on it.

  • TechFix

This name combines the terms “Technology” and “Fix” to make a short name that is catchy and memorable. TechFix makes a fitting name for any computer repair company that aims to establish itself as the pioneer in the repair industry.

  • InstantRepairs
  • Computer Fixes
  • PC Fix
  • IT Zone
  • Repair IT
  • IT World
  • IT Fix
  • Repair Zone
  • ComputerSavvy
  • Technoworld
  • TechZone
  • QuickFix
  • Fixn
  • IT World
  • Tech Gurus
  • ITXperts
  • Computer World
  • Monitor City
  • IT town
  • iFix
  • IT Place
  • Tech Space
  • Com-mends
  • IT Guys
  • Tech Team
  • Tech Support
  • Fixxit
  • FixedIT
  • Repair Nerds
  • Innovative Repair
  • It Solutions
  • Computer Revolution
  • Tech Solutions
  • Computer Solutions
  • Tech City
  • IT Town
  • Computer Tools
  • IT Bits
  • CPU Zone
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Catchy Computer Repair Company Names

Having a catch name makes a business instantly memorable and identifiable. A catchy name stands out in the crowd, and the target audience engages with it right away. The name that you choose should represent your company’s purpose and its values while also sounding nice on the tongue.

Here are a few catchy computer repair company name options:

  • Tech Doc

Tech Doc is a catchy name that implies that your company fixes up computers like a doctor treats its patients. The name is not only a correct representation of the services that the company offers, but it’s also very catchy and easy to remember. This name also suggests a hint at pop culture and will connect with your target audience the right way.

  • Fix-IT

Fix-IT is a play on words in which IT refers to Information Technology, aka everything computer-related. That is why Fix-IT makes a great name for a computer repair company. It is simple, short, and direct with its message. Moreover, the name is very easy to remember.

  • One-stop IT Shop

Just say “One-Stop IT Shop” and feel the catch yourself. This name is playful and sends out just the message that your customers want to hear: a one-stop solution for all their computer problems. Your target audience will feel intrigued to visit your company just by hearing its name.

  • MacTech
  • TechSavvy
  • Fix IT Now
  • RAM Jam
  • Tech Station
  • Repair Link
  • IT Tools
  • Flash Repairs
  • Tech Control
  • Tech Nomad
  • Repair Hive
  • Tech Hive
  • Tech Connect
  • IT Desk
  • Computer Room
  • The Computer Lab
  • Tech Rewired
  • Tech Alley
  • IT Square
  • Computer Pro
  • Repair Pros
  • Fix All
  • Tech Train
  • Computer Globe
  • Tech Fixers
  • Techno-Fix
  • Repair Infinity
  • Fix Desk
  • Alt Tech
  • Premium Repairs
  • Tech Premium
  • IT Edge
  • Repair Cookies
  • Alpha Tech Repair
  • ComputerBits
  • PC Paradise
  • Tech Touch
  • Expert Hand


Creative Computer Repair Company Names

The market rewards creativity. Companies that are creative with their representation, products, and services stay at the top of their industry for a long time. That is why choosing a creative computer repair company will make your repair company stand out among the competition.

Here are creative computer repair company name options:

  • Tech Hack

Tech Hack is a creative name that tells the customer that you have solutions for any and all of their tech-related issues. This is a great name for a company that prides itself on the services that it provides.

  • Repair Dot Com

The word repair refers to the services that your company provides, while “Dot Com” is the “.com” that we see at the end of websites. This term indicates the type of repairs that the company provides, i.e., computers and IT.

  • Computer Hacks

This seemingly straightforward name has a creative touch to it and will make an excellent name for your computer repair company. The word “hacks” popularly refers to quick solutions to complex problems. That is why this name will send out a message that you offer easy and quick tech solutions to your customers.

  • HI Tech
  • IT wizards
  • Repairs and beyond
  • Neighborhood Techies
  • Technology Zone
  • Hi-Tech Alley
  • Tech City
  • IT Den
  • Tech Aid
  • Repair Premier
  • Techkey
  • Computer Works
  • Tech Board
  • IT Maestros
  • Computer Care
  • Tech Set Go
  • Tech it
  • Computer Domain
  • Tech Studios
  • Tech Spree
  • IT Helpline
  • Tech Help
  • Computer Consultant
  • Techpedia
  • Tech Management
  • Byte and Tonic
  • Repair Stop
  • Digital Repairs
  • Tech Stop
  • Tech Elite
  • Computer Base
  • Tech base
  • IT Loop
  • Tech Basic
  • Repair Bytes
  • Tech Touch
  • Fix Drive
  • Computer Nurse


Cool Computer Repair Company Names

Just like the tech world itself, your company name should also have the touch of “cool.” It never hurts to hop on the pop culture and choose names that instantly connect with today’s generation.

Here are cool computer repair company name options:

  • Tech Bros

Tech Bros is a name that feels instantly welcoming and friendly to the customers. Your business will attract people to check out your services with this name. Moreover, this is a name that is easy to remember and recall whenever a person needs any type of computer repair services.

  • Tech Check

A simple combination of rhyming words makes another cool computer repair company name. Tech check flows easily on the tongue and is very catchy. Your company will surely reach a wide demographic with this name.

  • Tech Upgrade

This name suggests to your customers that you provide the latest and top-notch computer repair solutions.

  • IT Vibe
  • Tech Tags
  • IT World
  • Tech Vibes
  • Tech guys
  • IT Galaxy
  • Universal Repairs
  • Tech Rewired
  • Repair Geeks
  • Tech Nerds
  • Tech Home
  • Nerdy Repairs
  • Fix Station
  • Tech Thread
  • Computer Repair Posts
  • A Quick Fix
  • 24/7 On-Call Inc.
  • Accurate Electronics
  • All Tech Repairs Inc.
  • Anytime Servicing Center Inc.
  •  Your Tech
  • IT Kind of Guy
  • Fast Fix
  • PC Hero
  • Repair my PC
  • The PC Doctor
  • Zip Tech
  • All You Can Fix
  • We Fix It Better
  • Repair King
  • Expert Fix Tech
  • Tech Tags
  • The IT Wall
  • CPU Dudes
  • Tech Folks
  • Digital Binary World
  • Tech One
  • CompFix
  • TechBiz
  • Technology Maestros
  • Repair Here
  • Hardware Fix
  • PC Pros
  • Total Tech
  • Bug Fix
  • Software Update
  • Tech Upgrade
  • Computer Buddies
  • The Tech Dude
  • Next Door Computers
  • Tech Street
  • Hot Bot
  • Tech Brain


Unique Computer Repair Company Names

The names that really catch the eye are the ones that are unique and refreshing. That is why it’s also important to be a little unique about your choice computer repair company name. If you’re a new company, then your potential customers will appreciate the thought that you put into selecting the name.

Here are unique computer repair company name options:

  • TechCare

This name is a play on words, and that’s what makes it really unique. The name “TechCare” tells your potential clients that all their tech needs will be taken care of at your company. This name allows you to create a bond of trust and reliability with your customers.

  • PC Realm

This unique name suggests that your company covers the whole domain of PCs, aka computers. This name is unique for its combination of words and will surely make your company stand out.

  • Tech IT Here

Tech IT Here is also a play on words with “Tech” standing for “technology” and “take” while IT stands for “Information Technology” and “it.” This name has the potential to quickly get on the tongue of your customers.

  • IT Hut
  • Tech Lab
  • First Choice Repairs
  • Priority Tech
  • Tech View
  • IT Repair Corp
  • Tech Tribe
  • IT Consultants
  • Computer Experts
  • Tech Hub
  • Tech Hub
  • Digital Fix
  • Binary Bits
  • The Fix Code
  • The Repair Software
  • IT Patch
  • IT Aid
  • Tech Doctors


Conclusion: Computer Repair Business Names

Naming your new business is harder than it looks. A name needs to be unique (so as soon as you create one, someone else takes it!), memorable and brandable (to help you stand out from your competitors).

A name is important – if it’s not memorable, people won’t remember who you are.

A good computer repair business name is available to everyone? No, it’s not! The right name will say something about your brand that instantly resonates with your audience.

To give you an edge in the market, we created the above list of names for computer repair businesses. This list was created with the help of branding experts specifically for computer repair business owners

These computer repair company names are not only meaningful but also easy to market. Save yourself the time and energy and get started now!

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