305 Software Company Names Ideas That Are Simply Genius

Software Company Names

Let’s be honest, naming a software company is hard. Finding the right domain name isn’t easy either. Thankfully, in this article we have are over 300 pre-qualified software company names ready to go! This list was crafted after analyzing hundreds of thousands of successful software companies.

Banking Software Company Names

Banking software companies specialize in creating software for the banking industry. They enable users to monitor and manage their transactions without having to visit the bank branch itself.

Many banks also rely on investment banking software. These provide investment bankers with real-time data and news to help them make informed investment decisions more efficiently.

Keeping all of this in mind, a good banking software company name should convey a sense of security, trust, and reliability.

(Bank Name) Terminal

(Bank Name) terminal is a fitting name for a banking software company as it includes the name of the bank itself, which offers instant recognition. The term “terminal” conveys that the software company offers a hub for communication and activities related to banking.


Invest Smart

Invest Smart is a straightforward name that gets right to the point. Readers instantly understand that the company focuses on investing, but while also using intelligent or informed strategies. The simplicity of the name also makes it easy to remember.


Transact Plus

The “transact” in Transact Plus refers to the transactions carried out via the company’s software. The “plus” conveys that the software can do more than just handle transactions, thereby conveying a sense of versatility.


Cash Assist

Cash Assist is a simple name that conveys lots about the company itself. The “cash” portion instantly informs readers that the company offers a type of financial service, while the “assist” portion notifies them that the software supplements the bank’s services.



ATM Pal describes software that offers a substitute for ordinary ATM services. The term “ATM” is synonymous with banking-related services. The “Pal” portion conveys the software’s friendly interface and reliability.


  • Financeverse
  • Bank Bot
  • Finance Now
  • Bank 2 Go
  • Macro Cash
  • Finance Buddy
  • Cash IT
  • Digi-Teller
  • Bit Finance
  • Bank Vista
  • Financial E
  • Cash Connect
  • Dollar Finance
  • Bit Cash
  • Bankingly
  • Truth Finance
  • Bank Deck
  • Mobil ATM
  • Action Finance
  • Dawn Banker
  • Cash Accelerate
  • Agile Banking
  • Premier Finance
  • Axis Plus
  • Eco Finance
  • Intelligent Finance
  • Runners Saver
  • Drip Cash
  • Rapid Finance
  • Fusion Banking
  • Golden Finance
  • Harvest Cash
  • Pure Transact
  • Infinity Accounting
  • Lead Banker
  • Bank Assist
  • Loop Finance
  • Plex Banker
  • Quad Saver
  • Sample Finance
  • Giga Banking
  • Vista Accounts
  • App Banker
  • Wise Saver
  • BankerX
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Business Software Company Names

Business software companies produce software for business management. They include functions such as creating digital invoices, asset management, database management, and customer relationship management.

A good business software company name should sound professional while also conveying functionality. These are companies looked up by other businesses, so their name should be unique enough to stand apart from the rest.


Alpha Business Controller

The name “Alpha Business Controller” utilizes the acronym ABC, which helps with remembering the name.

The “Business Controller” portion instantly informs readers what the company’s software’s primary purpose is.

The “Alpha” portion conveys that this software company should be your first choice when choosing software for managing your business.


Biztech Insight

Biztech Insight combines the terms “Business” and “Technology”. This demonstrates the integration of business management functions using modern technology. The term “Insight” informs readers about the detailed view of company activities the company’s software provides.



CRM stands for customer relationship management and is a common term applied to business software that focuses on managing sales and interactions with customers.

Businesses looking for software that offers CRM functionality will instantly gravitate towards a company with CRM in its name.

The “Hub” portion of the name implies it is the go-to software for carrying out all customer relationship management-related functions.


A2Z Business Manager

The name “A2Z Business Manager” stands out for its clever combination of letters and numbers.

The “business manager” portion is self-explanatory, while the “A2Z” portion informs you that the software covers all your business management needs from A to Z.


Bizscape Manager

Bizscape Manager is another name that combines the term “business” with another term. The “scape” portion of this name refers to landscapes.

This conveys that the company creates software to manage day-to-day business activities while also controlling your standing within the business landscape.


  • Business Graphix
  • Excel Business
  • Rubicon
  • Native Soft
  • Flow Flex
  • Sprint Manager
  • Fortune Tex
  • Reboot Ware
  • Linear Cor
  • Integration Solutions
  • Innovator Unlimited
  • Augur Corp
  • Nest Manager
  • Waredeck
  • Modul8or
  • ManageSoft
  • Move Business
  • B2B Scape
  • Access Solutions
  • Overdrive Ware
  • Arc Tech
  • Delta Soft
  • Biz Flex
  • Logic Corp
  • Scope Solutions
  • Nexus Hub
  • Edge Manager
  • Byte Corp
  • Aspire Ware
  • Binary Solutions
  • Micro Inspire
  • Apex Manager
  • Drift Tech
  • Elevate Solutions
  • Horizon Tech
  • Modular Corp
  • Sky Solutions
  • Reflect Tec
  • Integr8
  • Eternal Access
  • Nomad Solutions
  • Ace Manager
  • Business Flash
  • Curve Solutions
  • Sus Soft


Healthcare Software Company Names

Healthcare software companies create software to manage the day to day activities at medical facilities. This includes functions such as storing patient data, scheduling appointments and managing pharmacy prescriptions.

Healthcare software is similar to business software in that it provides managers or staff with insight or information related to patients or customers while offering management controls.

Therefore healthcare software company names should distinctly stand out from other business management software.


Medibase Now

The term “medibase” is a combination of the terms “medical” and “database”. This conveys that the company software is a medical database, while the “now” portion of the name points out the efficiency with which users can access the data.

This name would be well suited for a healthcare software company that produces medical database apps for smartphones and accessed by doctors on-the-go.



Asclepius was the name of the Greek God of Medicine. This name works well for healthcare software companies as it is simple yet versatile. It is equally well suited for a digital medical database, or prescription management software.

The name’s association with medicine also helps it stand out from ordinary business management software.



Prescriptor simply refers to a person who prescribes. This name works well for electronic prescription software as the term “prescriptor” is rarely used in contexts outside of prescribing medicine.

Any hospitals seeking prescription software will instantly pick out a company with this name due to the specificity of the name.


Phoenix Healthcare Solutions

The Phoenix is a mythical bird known for its immortality. Associating this name with a healthcare software company demonstrates the resilience and reliability of the company’s software.

The “Healthcare Solutions” portion of the name also offers added versatility, as it could refer to a company that produces any type of healthcare software.


Helix Healthcare Solutions

A helix is a corkscrew shape that has long been associated with the medical field. The structure of the DNA molecule is a double helix, which makes this company name fitting for a healthcare software company.


  • Balance Health
  • Quest Health
  • Energized Healthcare
  • Welfare Solutions
  • Classic Optimum
  • Wellness Providers
  • Second Wind
  • Healing Solutions
  • Spirit Healthcare
  • Progress & Care
  • Vital Equilibrium
  • Progress Wellness
  • Eternal Healthcare
  • Well Solutions
  • Angel Healthcare
  • Healing Hearts
  • Harmony Healthcare Solutions
  • Quality Care
  • Paramount Solutions
  • Healing Spirit
  • Care Virtue
  • Enhanced Solutions
  • Wellness Expert
  • Integrated Health
  • Digi Nurse
  • Helix Optimum
  • Century Wellness
  • Grow Healthcare
  • Healthy Hands
  • Ascent Wellness
  • Recovery Solutions
  • Fortify Spirit
  • Breath Providers
  • Active Healthcare
  • Blessed Heart
  • Sacred Solutions
  • Bright Providers
  • Capitol Healthcare Solutions
  • Medi Save
  • Discovery Healthcare Solutions
  • Healing Hands
  • Vibrance Healthcare
  • Support Solutions
  • Evolution Healthcare
  • Conscious Solutions


Legal Practice Management Software Company Names

A subset of software companies produce legal practice management software. This software offers a complete system for law firms that wish to carry out the bulk of their day-to-day activities digitally. This includes tasks such as scheduling meetings, maintaining contacts, tracking payments, and accounting functions.

Such companies should have names that correspond to the legal field to help them stand out from other types of business management software.


Ettorney Solutions

The term “ettorney” combines the words “Attorney” and “Electronic”. This helps it efficiently convey that the company’s software are geared towards legal firms. The “solutions” portion is also versatile enough to fit many different types of law-related software with different functions.



ParaleGO combines the words “paralegal” and “go”. A paralegal’s job is to assist attorneys with their cases, so this term would be fitting for a company that creates software to aid law firms.

The “GO” portion of the name implies portability and makes the name especially well-suited for law-related mobile apps to assist attorneys’ on-the-go.


Smart Clerk Solutions

This name utilizes the meaning of the term “clerk”. It refers to law clerks, which is another name for an attorney. It also refers to ordinary clerks whose job is to maintain records and perform administrative duties.

The term “smart clerk” also fits well for software created to assist employees at law firms in their day-to-day duties.


  • Amber Legal
  • Calibre Legal Solutions
  • Phantom Legal
  • Legal Guru Solutions
  • Cascade Legal
  • Legal Swift
  • Pulse Legal
  • Joint Legal Solutions
  • System Legal Solutions
  • Whisper Advocate
  • Gusto Law Solutions
  • Legal Digital
  • Rising Sun Solutions
  • Robo Clerk
  • Legal Clip
  • Expert Justice Solutions
  • Third Eye Legal
  • Fireside Attorney
  • Reflective Legal Solutions
  • Legal Peak
  • Law Coast
  • On Demand Law Solutions
  • Law Hybrid
  • Orbital Legal Solutions
  • Bit Law
  • Striker Law Solutions
  • Attorney Protech
  • Invictus Legal
  • Reliant Legal Solutions
  • Supernova Clerk
  • Halycon Advocate
  • Positive Law Solutions
  • Main Legal Solutions
  • Elemental Paralegal Solutions
  • Latitude Law
  • LawSoft Solutions
  • Law Clerk Village
  • Newline Legal Solutions
  • Clark Click Solutions
  • Network Law Solutions
  • SilverLake Attorney
  • Genesis Law Solutions
  • Prospective Legal
  • First Stop Law
  • NorthShore Clerk
  • Night Owl Law Solutions
  • Dash Paralegal


Supply Chain Management Software Company Names

Supply chain management software companies create software that assist with supply chain transactions, maintaining communications with suppliers, and other business-related processes.

These companies rarely feature the words “supply chain” in their name, and instead focus on choosing simple names or acronyms to help them stand out.



LSC stands for logistical software corporation. This acronym is easy to remember, and also focuses on the logistics aspects of supply chain management.



ASF stands for Ace Software Family. The term “ace” complements the company name by portraying it as exceptional, while “software family” can refer to any number of software the company has produced.

This is a versatile name that could be beneficial for any company, not just those that cater to creating supply chain management software.


Mercury Global

Mercury is the name of the Roman god of merchants and travelers. This name fits well for companies that produce supply chain management software, as transportation is a major aspect of any supply chain.

The term “global” also demonstrates that the software capabilities have no limits, and stretch to all corners of the globe.


  • Soft Commerce Solutions
  • Outpost Supply
  • Commerce Enterprise Solutions
  • Highline Commerce
  • Rebound Trade
  • SunRay Commerce
  • Tango Supply Solutions
  • Longview Logistics
  • Perpetual Supply Solutions
  • Orbit Commerce Solutions
  • Pacific Supply
  • Pilot Global
  • Oversee Commerce
  • Boomerang Trade Solutions
  • Apache Supply
  • Season Logistics Solutions
  • Strength Commerce Solutions
  • Inspire Trade Solutions
  • Clear Commerce
  • Digital Trade Solutions
  • High End Supply Corp
  • Swipe Logistics Solutions
  • Charter Commerce Solutions
  • Supreme Logistics
  • Drive Supply Solutions
  • Mogul Commerce
  • Zen Trade Corp
  • Breakout Commerce Solutions
  • Upgrade Supply
  • Glory Commerce
  • HighLine Logistics
  • Accent Supply Solutions
  • Jet Trade Solutions
  • NorthPole Supply
  • Bridgewater Logistics
  • Elite Supply Solutions
  • Elemental Commerce Solutions
  • Hummingbird Trade Corp
  • Arcadia Trade Solutions
  • Tiger Logistics Solutions
  • Master Supply Corp
  • Turbo Commerce
  • Surplus Supply Solutions
  • Synapse Trade
  • Prior Logistics
  • Nexus Supply Solutions
  • Approach Logistics


Networking Software Company Names

Networking software companies create software that facilitates operations for a computer network. These software focus on both creating these networks and maintaining them.

A good networking software company name should demonstrate the applications or benefits of networking software.


Cloud Connect Solutions

Cloud Connect Solutions is a simple yet descriptive name. The “cloud” informs you that the network is linked via a digital cloud, while the “connect” term highlights the connection aspect of the network. This name is well suited for any company that hosts networks on a cloud server.


Command Network Solutions

The term “command” highlights the importance of being in control of your computer network. This name implies authority, which every company should have over their network.


Seamless Networking

Seamless networking is a straightforward name that demonstrates how a computer network ought to be: seamless. The simplicity of this name also makes it more memorable, which could be advantageous for promoting the company.


  • BlueGreen Systems
  • Summit Network Solutions
  • Guidance Connect Co
  • Dimension Network Solutions
  • Foresight Networking
  • Ascend Systems
  • Abacus Connect Solutions
  • Targeted Networking
  • Build Systems Solutions
  • FreeSpirit Systems
  • Foundry Network Solutions
  • Altair Connect
  • Digital Solutions Co
  • Creative Networking
  • Zone Connect
  • Primavera Systems
  • Versus Network Solutions
  • Ace Connect
  • Thunderbird Systems
  • Tribal Networking
  • Rapid Connect Solutions
  • Crew System Solutions
  • United Networking
  • Transcend Connection Solutions
  • Regency Networking
  • Alias Network Solutions
  • Foundation Digital Co
  • Major Connect
  • Equity Systems
  • Innovative Network Solutions
  • Toolbox Systems
  • Calibre Connect Co
  • Radiant Networking
  • Sigma Systems Co
  • Talon Network Solutions
  • Engineered System Solutions
  • Peacock Connect
  • Skyline Network Co
  • Stardust Networking Solutions
  • Helium Digital Co
  • Legacy Systems
  • Engage Network Solutions
  • Owner Connect Co
  • Ponder System Solutions
  • Mosaic Networking
  • Client Connect Solutions
  • Pure Systems


Conclusion: Software Company Names

On that note, we hope you found some inspiration and motivation to name your software company. We know how hard it can be to start a business, and we want you to know how much we are rooting for you as you begin this journey.

Remember not to rush when naming your business. If you can afford it, get some professional help. A good branding agency will be able to listen to your needs and goals and give you a creative list of options that are sure to wow your target audience.

If you use this guide as a starting point, however, we believe in you! You got this!

We’re excited to see what the future holds for your business, and we’re here to help in any way we can.

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