511 Innovative Fintech Company Name Ideas

Fintech Company Names

Fintech is the new buzzword in the financial industry. Many of the top tech companies are now fintech organizations that are changing the way financial services are delivered in our daily lives, from traditional banks to peer-to-peer lending platforms.

The importance of naming your fintech company cannot be stressed enough. A good fintech brand name will help define what your business does, who you serve, and how you connect with people. It helps people associate your business with a positive image, making them more likely to keep coming back. A bad (or generic) name could confuse potential customers or draw the wrong kinds of attention.

You’ve probably noticed that some exciting companies are announcing their launches and announcements on various social media channels. And your first thought is probably “Ok, the project sounds interesting, how do I come up with an awesome name?” Well, instead of scrolling through endless names, why not use our list of ideas for fintech company names to create a solid foundation?

Get inspired by our list of the fintech company names, and find inspiration for your own startup!

Short Fintech Company Names

We know the importance of a unique name but it’s equally important to make sure your fintech company has a short and memorable name. The last thing you want to do is have users frustrated when trying to find your startup.

Here is a list of short, easy, snappy names that you can use for your fintech company:


Fintechtic is one of our top name choices for a new Fintech company. The name is a play on words on the word “fantastic.” The shortness and catchy quality of the name make it an ideal choice. The name sounds equally trendy and memorable, and that is why it makes an excellent choice.



Fintechies is another great option for a Fintech company. It clearly represents the services that you offer. Moreover, it is also short and memorable, making it an ideal name. Fintechies is a name that will stick with your audience and grow familiar in the Fintech industry quickly.



Banki is one of our personal favorites. This simple yet effective name is excellent for a new Financial Technology company. It sends the message that the services you offer will make your company the client’s personal “bank” account, where all their finance-related things will be in one place.



MyBank is another fantastic name choice for your financial technology company. When a person hears the word “bank,”they immediately think personal finance. The addition of the word “My” in the beginning adds a touch of personalization,n which will immediately connect with the audience.


  • Bankit
  • GoAccounts
  • Fintector
  • Fintechy
  • Fintool
  • FinancialTech
  • DollarTech
  • Money Machine
  • Money Manager
  • Fintech Alpha
  • Fintech Works
  • Fintectual
  • Fintext
  • Fintechtic
  • Fintechnic
  • Fintechno
  • Fintech Ultra
  • Fintech Pro
  • Accelete – for a cloud platform that helps you to accept payments on the go!
  • AccessPay – can be used if you are making a platform for banking and financial solutions!
  • The Mope – A solid choice for companies that are still attempting to get off the ground.
  • The Pinnacle – Can be used by a company that is already huge or by a startup working its way up.
  • Infinity Banking – A name to use for a futuristic fintech startup.
  • InTrust: An option for companies that want something with a little more flash than most bank names.
  • Boomerang Commerce
  • Fintech Exchange
  • Investbox
  • Tradebox
  • Credibox
  • Cash Master
  • Yuppie Bucks
  • Irreversible Records
  • Instant Money
  • The Everyday Bank
  • The Universal Banker
  • Exactra
  • Lending Peak
  • Money Modification
  • Network Spark
  • Penny Cache
  • iTrade
  • Kash Wallet
  • Vous – Get ahead in the financial world
  • Speedy Money – Open business accounts online
  • Arrowhead Capital
  • BetterBot Fund
  • Cryptonium Capital
  • Pay Bear
  • Nippy Pay
  • Ace Capital
  • Balance Proof
  • FintecQuick
  • Hyperfast Loans
  • Fintechstant
  • FinteCall
  • Now Money Inc.
  • Fintech Services
  • Success Investment
  • Fin Genie


Catchy Fintech Company Names

Enter the world of fintech. More than ever before, fintech companies are springing up all over the place.

A catchy name can make a big difference when your startup is just getting off the ground. Many of these startups are launching at very small startups or with limited resources, so having a catchy name helps get the word out fast. It also helps give the impression that there’s something exciting going on inside that company


Pocket Bank

If the financial services that you offer are in the form of a Fintech app, then PocketBank makes an excellent choice. Since people use apps on their phones, calling it “pocket” sized makes a lot of sense and adds a touch of creativity to the name.


The Financer

The Financer is another excellent name option for a Fintech company. It is short, direct, and a great representation of the services that you offer. Although it is a simple and straightforward name, it is still super effective and will surely be well received in the market.


Money Wire

Money Wire is a fresh and innovative take on a Fintech company’s name. It is simple and effective. The word “money” represents the financial nature of the services that you offer. We believe that this name is unique and will connect with your audience right away.


Dollar Inc.

Dollar Inc. is another excellent name for your new Fintech Company. The word “Dollar” represents the financial element of the company fully. The name is straightforward and catchy, which makes it memorable. We believe that this name has a high potential to get popular.


  • PushPay
  • QuickFintech
  • SuperFi
  • SmartSpeed
  • PayPoint
  • Capital Buddy
  • FinMatrix
  • Fintech Square
  • Finance Plus
  • Innovative Payments
  • Money Machines
  • Zest Finance
  • Alpha Omega
  • Blossom Capital
  • ZapFolio
  • Funderr
  • Byte Sights
  • Trending Alpha
  • Appersio
  • Circle Pay
  • Finance Inc.
  • Fintech Mac
  • Fintecan
  • Gold Bank
  • Cash Flow
  • Grind Money
  • Money Crunch
  • Fintech Found
  • Fintectant
  • Cashcade
  • Alterfin
  • EZ Transaction
  • Finextra
  • Fintech Pro 
  • Alpha Dash Capital
  • Spendly
  • Finconex
  • Cash Current
  • Happy Bankers Inc.
  • Money Future
  • Money Exchange
  • Upside Down Cash
  • Fintechify
  • Hardworking cash
  • Ace Cash
  • Fistful of Cash
  • FinCorp
  • Get Fintech
  • CashTech
  • Fintech Major
  • Fintechtist
  • Fintech Co
  • Cryptocash
  • Cash Saver
  • Timecash
  • Fintechdom
  • Finvestation
  • Money Hustle
  • Fintech Max 
  • Fintech Focus
  • XtremeFin
  • Fintech Stop
  • Finexchg (Exchange)
  • Cash Connection
  • Docketme
  • Cash Motion
  • Fintectology
  • Pay Me Now
  • Fintech Go
  • Smart Cents
  • Finit 360
  • FinFriendly
  • FinDev
  • BankUpgrades
  • BanksToGo
  • Help My Account
  • Banking Buck
  • Fintechster
  • Fintech Touch
  • Fintechtor
  • Fintechnic
  • Finvest
  • Finmatized
  • Fintech cover
  • Fintech Corner
  • Money Kingdom
  • Fintech Studio
  • Align Coin
  • Finex
  • Cash Charge
  • Next-Gen Money
  • Financeify
  • GetFinance
  • FinanceRetreat
  • FinTastic
  • Fintech Now
  • DayFi (Daily Finance)
  • Buxter
  • Cash Cloud
  • Fintech Key
  • Cashup
  • Aim 360


Creative Fintech Company Names

When building a startup or shaping your brand it’s important to think about the name of your company. You can’t have a great brand that everyone is talking about without a great name.

A big part of creating a successful fintech company is coming up with a creative name that captures the essence of your business and which can easily be associated with your brand.



MoneyDeck is a creative name option for your Fintech business that will make it stand out in the crowd. Using the words “money” and “deck” together is a unique yet effective way of representing the services you offer, i.e., financial technology. “MoneyDeck” has the potential to help you establish yourself as a pioneer in the Fintech industry. The name is short and professional, making it a great choice for your new company.


FinTech Key

Fintech Key is another excellent name option for your Fintech company. It plays on words and joins “Fintech” and “Key” to form a two-word name. The name is professional and represents the nature of your business accurately. Fintech Key is also short and direct, which makes it memorable and stands out in the market.



Fintecheais also a great name for your Fintech company. It captures the services offered by the company uniquely and shortly. It is a professional name that will help your company establish itself as a top provider in the industry.


  • FinteCare
  • A-Fintech
  • Connect Fintech
  • Fintech Prime
  • FintechUniverse
  • Advanced Fintech
  • Fintechet
  • Fintech Desk
  • Fintech Cal
  • FintechPremium
  • Premium Fintech
  • Fintech Edge
  • Fintech Connect
  • Fintech Touch
  • Finance Deck
  • Finance Boost
  • FintechUpgrade
  • Fintech Team
  • Fintech Boss
  • Fintech One
  • Fintech Networks
  • Fintech Mix
  • Fintechtility
  • Fintech Pro
  • Finance Office
  • Fintech Inn
  • Fintecastic
  • Fintech Force
  • Finance Force
  • Fintech Ware
  • Fintechcon
  • Finance One
  • Fintechnology
  • Fintechee
  • Alpha Fintech
  • Finance Now
  • MoneyPro
  • MoneyCo
  • CashUp
  • Dollar Now
  • DollarMe
  • Fintech Net
  • Fintech All
  • Fintecator
  • Fintech X
  • Fintecholis


Cool Fintech Company Names

When it comes to fintech startups, the name is everything. While some of these names sound like they were created yesterday, others are genius references to pop culture including Star Wars and the Avengers.

A cool startup name is a powerful marketing tool. The right name can attract a humble team and amplify your impact. Cool names are some of the most popular tech trends right now because of how quotable they are. So put your creativity into it today!


Fintech Pros

Fintech Pros is a cool and fun name option for your Fintech Company. “Pro” is a pop culture reference to anyone who is an expert in any skill or quality. It represents your company in the best light and also depicts the services that your company provides. This short and memorable name will engage your audience right away.


Fintech Savvy

Fintech Savvy is another great name choice for a telecom company. It is easy on the tongue and has a trendy touch to it. The word “Now” makes the company sound accessible as it implies that the customer will be offered instant services. We believe this name will take off with your customers quickly.



Financegram is another cool Fintech company name option. It accurately represents the services that your company offers, i.e., financial technology. It is also short and direct, which makes it highly memorable. We believe that this name will make an excellent fit for your company.

  • Panda Bank
  • Money Grammy
  • Z-Shot
  • Fintech King
  • Fintechly
  • PaySignal
  • SwipePay
  • Money Cell
  • Cash Flow Factory
  • Cash Engine
  • Coin Coin LLC
  • Mint Chip
  • Gold Rush Venture
  • Platinum Investment Group Inc
  • Cascading Capital
  • Credit Impressions
  • First Rate Finance, Inc.
  • Happily Ever After Loans, Inc.
  • The Coin Company
  • Money LaunchPad
  • Fintech It
  • The Fintechs
  • Fintech Fix
  • Fintech Stop
  • Fintec
  • Financan
  • Fintech Loop
  • Fintech Vision
  • Fintech Connect
  • Fintech Corp
  • Fintech Tram
  • FinanceBegin
  • Let’s Pay
  • Finance Ultra
  • Bank Lock
  • Spend Smart
  • Alignfolio
  • Cashster
  • FintechTion
  • FinCase
  • Fintech Vision
  • Fintech Works
  • Fintech Studios
  • FineAttention
  • Fintech Portal
  • Apex Assets
  • Fintechme
  • Fintech Drive
  • Capital Cobra
  • Money Brilliant
  • Matcher – Real-time Multi-Billion Dollar Matching Engine
  • Buxx – Cash Back Rewards Program
  • Fintech Brain
  • Fintech Bros
  • Airflow Capital
  • Fintech Tab
  • The Cash Movement
  • Fintech Mix
  • Fintech Connect
  • Money Pros
  • CashXL
  • Fintech Nerds
  • Mint Money
  • Fintechtors
  • Finstrate
  • Fintech Go
  • Fintech Master
  • Fundamentum
  • The Fintech Team
  • Lite Bank
  • Fintech Vibes
  • Finance Tiger
  • Fintech Dive 
  • Money Suite
  • My Fintech
  • Fintech Network
  • Fintech Domain
  • Fintech Premium
  • Fintech Live
  • Fintech Here
  • Fintech Gang
  • Fintech Maestros
  • Fintech Gurus
  • Credit Kitty
  • Cashbuster
  • Fintech Xpert
  • Bounty Finance
  • Finance Trainer
  • Fintech Jam
  • Fintech Mechanics
  • Fintech Board
  • Bit-X – for a digital asset exchange
  • Fintech Lift
  • Fintech Portal
  • Fintech Connect
  • Fintech Avenue
  • Shred Currency
  • Fintech Geeks
  • Fintech Ally
  • Audit Command
  • Fintech Trained
  • The Banking Traveller
  • Fintech Zen
  • Fintech Station
  • Just Get Money
  • Fintech Signal
  • Card Chimp
  • Fintech Doc
  • Finance Fox
  • Fintech Port


Unique Fintech Company Names

Fintech marketing is all the rage now, and it seems just about everyone has a business idea they’re trying to put out there. From new money funds to crowdfunding platforms, and even insurance products. But with so many ideas floating around, how can you come up with a unique name for your startup? Here are some ideas we’ve come up with.


Wallet One

Wallet One is a unique name option for your Fintech company. It uses the word “wallet” to represent the “financial” and “money-related” nature of the services that you offer. The name is short, catchy, and unique, which will make a lasting impression on your audience. Wallet One is a different yet professional name that will serve your company’s interests in the long run.



FinTalk is another excellent and unique name choice for your Fintech company. It uses the word “financial” and does a play on words with “tech” and “talk.” This unique blend of words to create a short and memorable name gives a unique approach to it. It has a great potential to stick with your target audience immediately. FinTalk is also catchy and cool, so it will familiarize your audience with it immediately.



Fintact is another fantastic name option for your Fintech company. It is a unique, creative, and trendy name, which makes it memorable. Fintact is also easy on the tongue and will catch on in the industry quickly.


  • Fintech Culture
  • Fintech Port
  • Fintech Us
  • Fintech track
  • Affluent Financial
  • Fintechcont
  • Fintech Providers
  • Fintech Check
  • ApproveMe Payments
  • Fintech Hatch 
  • Fintech Track
  • Fintechists
  • Fintech-squared
  • Fintech Tribe
  • Fintech Lane
  • Finanception
  • Fintech Platform
  • Fintech Spot
  • Fintech Tags
  • Fintechtro
  • FinanceSavvy
  • Fintech Arc
  • My Money
  • Fintech Jab 
  • Fintech Top
  • Custom Fintech
  • Finance Assist
  • FinStar
  • FinAccess
  • Smart Wallet
  • Fintech Creek
  • Fintech Beta
  • iZettl
  • Money Pros
  • Fintechon
  • Fintech Assist
  • Fintech Point
  • Fintech Mentors
  • Bloom Credit
  • Fintech Basics
  • Fintech Code
  • Finance Future
  • Fintech Shift
  • Fintech Hub
  • Market Wise Corp
  • The Hello Wallet
  • Fintech Create
  • Fintech it
  • A2P – Alert to Pay
  • Fintech Sense
  • Finance Fix
  • Finance Check
  • Adventium Capital
  • Fintech Corner
  • Fintech Gallery
  • Fintech Hive
  • Finance Here
  • Fintech Quarters
  • Fintech Labs
  • FinanceX
  • Fintech Providers
  • Krazy Credit
  • Finance Net 
  • Finance Realm
  • Fintechable
  • Cash Express
  • Netech
  • Finance Tech
  • Fintech Post
  • Coinbox
  • Financial Empire
  • Financial House
  • Fintech Grow
  • Bitfury
  • Fintecast
  • Coin Syndicate
  • MyBanker
  • Fintech Prospect
  • FintechGuru
  • Finance On
  • The Green Banker
  • Get Fintech
  • Fintech Buzz
  • Fintech Commit
  • Fintech One
  • Fintech Create
  • The Banker
  • Fintech-in
  • Finance Onboard
  • Humble Assets
  • Fintech Room
  • Fintech Den
  • FinanceSquare
  • Blaze – for a mobile payment company
  • Uppingo
  • Fintech Drop
  • Mintouch 
  • Finance Booth
  • Fintech Care
  • Tipjoy
  • Finance Bros
  • Fintech Max
  • Bill Me Later
  • Venbux
  • Moneygram
  • Fintech HQ
  • Cardly   
  • Fintech Core
  • Rich Nation
  • Venpay
  • Digitally Pay Me
  • Spedn
  • Blockchainified
  • Financial Lives
  • Money Now
  • Fintech Test
  • Finance Den
  • Finance Spot
  • Dollar Tech
  • Fintech Here
  • Fintech X
  • Smart Finance
  • Jynk
  • Fintech House
  • Fintech Press
  • Finom
  • SpaceByte
  • Cashitorium
  • Zilok
  • Fintech Center
  • Fintech Art
  • Bank Chingly – Pay for fun.
  • Dragonfly
  • Cash Connect
  • Fintech Grid
  • Pexo 
  • FinWisely
  • Fintech Station
  • Fintech Road 
  • Gocredito
  • Fintech Goals
  • Fintech Space
  • Fintech Calls
  • FinMa
  • Finance Inc.
  • Fintech Galaxy
  • Gichapal
  • Invibit
  • Fintigo
  • VectorBits
  • Swyp
  • Fintechtemy
  • Paymo
  • Fintech Dive
  • Fintech Ways
  • FinanceTribe
  • Zootaku – Pay forward for yourself
  • Fintech Booth
  • Finance Crew
  • Money View – Make every dollar count.    
  • Fintrader
  • Fintech Flash
  • Chit Chatty
  • Fintech Track
  • My Fintech
  • Fintech Corner
  • Chimp Change
  • Money Tech
  • Money Fix
  • Fintech Port
  • Fintech Ad
  • Fintech Realm
  • Centi-Pay
  • Fintechare
  • Fintech Latest
  • Payu       
  • Cashomat
  • Fintech Dock
  • Fintech Buffs
  • Fintech Boom
  • Chexly
  • AlphaChase
  • Fintech Onboard
  • Spin Pays
  • IncrediBank
  • Speedy Pay
  • Cashtivist
  • Payment 247
  • Moneyshark       
  • Fintech Web
  • Checky
  • Fintech Crew
  • Piktab


Conclusion: Fintech Company Names

It’s no secret that fintech is quickly becoming a powerhouse industry. Costs are plummeting, customers are lining up, and the future looks bright for fintech. Fintech is quickly becoming an integral part of anyone’s daily life.

If you’re looking to start a fintech business, you may as well start now. With the success of fintech startups in the past few years, more and more people are starting to understand fintech as a legitimate sector of the economy.

There you have it. Our list of fantastic fintech company names to choose from and an open door to dozens of creative entrepreneurs.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our post. We hope you found it helpful. If you did, then please share it with your peers. It would be much appreciated.

Also if you have your own brilliant idea we would love to hear from you about it! Feel free to contact us.

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